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Tokyo Electric Power Company HoldingsPertamina NRE - TEPCO HD Joint Development Agreement on green hydrogen and green ammonia

December 15, 2023

Pertamina Power Indonesia
Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Inc.

Pertamina Power Indonesia (Pertamina NRE :PNRE) and Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Incorporated (TEPCO HD) today signed a joint development agreement (JDA) on green hydrogen and green ammonia.

TEPCO HD and Yamanashi Hydrogen Company, Inc. (YHC) began a Feasibility Study on their "Demonstration of hydrogen technology that utilizes surplus electricity and exhaust heat from geothermal power generation to achieve economically viable hydrogen production and transportation", which was selected as an "International demonstration of Japanese technology that will contribute to decarbonization and energy conversion" by the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) (announced on September 6, 2023).

This JDA clarifies the structure and schedule for further collaboration activities for NEDO Feasibility Study and stipulates that PNRE and TEPCO HD will work together towards a NEDO Demonstration Study, which is scheduled for October 2024, as a first step in these activities. PNRE, TEPCO HD, and YHC are preparing to construct a hydrogen production facility adjacent to the Lahendong geothermal power plant owned by Pertamina Geothermal Energy, a subsidiary of PPI, on the island of Sulawesi.

PNRE and TEPCO HD will work together to expand and commercialize further the findings from this joint collaboration in accordance with their Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). We have set the goal of selling our products and services within Indonesia in the short-term as the first step in the commercialization phase, after which they will be exported to other countries, including Japan, in the mid-to-long-term (announced on March 3, 2023).

Dannif Danusaputro, CEO of Pertamina Power Indonesia, commented "Pertamina regards low-carbon hydrogen as a pivotal component of its future business endeavours. Our organization is highly enthusiastic about our collaborative partnership with TEPCO to advance the development of an internationally acknowledged low-carbon hydrogen ecosystem in Indonesia. We firmly believe that this collaboration will yield substantial value, particularly in contributing to the broader goals of energy transition and decarbonization".

Chikara Kojima, Executive Vice President of TEPCO HD, said "TEPCO HD has been conducting a hydrogen production demonstration project in Yamanashi Prefecture since 2016 and has extensive experience and technology. We are pleased to be able to use our technology to contribute to the energy transition and decarbonization in Indonesia. It is very encouraging to engage in this project together with Pertamina NRE, a leading company in the energy industry in Southeast Asia".
PNRE and TEPCO HD aim to contribute to a carbon-neutral society by leveraging Indonesia's abundant geothermal resources for the cost-competitive and commercially-profitable production of hydrogen and ammonia.

<Photo taken when signing the JDA>

From the left, Mr. Dannif Danusaputro (PT Pertamina Power Indonesia CEO),and Mr. Chikara Kojima (Director, Executive Vice President, Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Inc.)

About Pertamina NRE
PT Pertamina Power Indonesia (Pertamina NRE) is member of PT Pertamina (Persero), Indonesia's largest energy company, comprising four business entities: PT Pertamina Geothermal Energy (subsidiary), PT Jawa Satu Power (affiliate), PT Jawa Satu Regas (affiliate), and PT Industri Baterai Indonesia. Its business focuses on clean energy development. It is highly committed to supporting Indonesia's net zero emission 2060 through energy transition and to implementing ESG.

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About Yamanashi Hydrogen Company, Inc. (YHC)
Yamanashi Prefecture, Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Inc., and Toray Industries Co., Ltd., established YHC to further enhance P2G (Power to Gas) systems that they have developed, and to jointly aim at achieving carbon neutrality.
YHC engages in the production, supply, and sale of hydrogen and energy services; technological development and demonstration projects related to the production, storage and transportation of hydrogen; and projects aimed at popularizing and spreading the use of hydrogen.
YHC will accelerate the practical application of its P2G systems through further technological development, and by widely deploying these systems both in Japan and overseas. Through these efforts, it will actively contribute to enabling carbon neutrality by promoting the de-fossilization and electrification of fuels.