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Victoria Myssik: How a busy actor, teacher, and small business owner gets more done with Adobe Acrobat AI Assistant

Victoria Myssik: How a busy actor, teacher, and small business owner gets more done with Adobe Acrobat AI Assistant

Victoria Myssik has a drive to aim for the top. She thought she would funnel those ambitions into being a business leader or entrepreneur. But her heart kept coming back to one love: acting.

As a young girl in Kazakhstan, Myssik attended a classical gymnasium of arts where teachers quickly recognized her acting talent. She continued to perform at the gymnasium and in school plays throughout her teens. It wasn't until she turned 18 that Myssik realized her passion had grown over the years. She had to give acting a chance. And if she was going to be an actor, she wanted to aim for Hollywood.

The journey wasn't easy, but after nearly a decade, Myssik managed to take the first step. She hopped on a one-way flight to the U.S. with just $800 in her pocket. With no job and fierce competition for roles, Myssik decided to pursue a Master's of Fine Arts (MFA) in Acting to hone her craft and excel in the field.

She applied to several universities, pouring her hopes into auditions. Her hard work paid off. She received multiple offers, including a full scholarship to Louisiana State University - a step that would later lead to a job in Los Angeles and the fulfillment of a decade-long dream of becoming a working actor.

Along the way, Myssik discovered another passion: teaching. Today she balances her own acting work with teaching and coaching through her company, TheVictoriaMyssik.

Myssik attributes her success to hard work and a bold, risk-taking spirit. As a business owner, she relies on Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Acrobat AI Assistant to efficiently manage business-related activities and save time so she can keep focusing on the things she loves most.

Helping actors reach their artistic potential

Myssik never considered teaching as a profession. But while studying for her MFA, she taught undergraduate acting classes and found great joy in helping others. Her mentor recognized Myssik's talent and hired her at The Actor's Studio of Orange County.

As a more established actor and instructor, Myssik started a studio of her own. She knew that her perspective as an actor from Kazakhstan would resonate with aspiring actors from around the world.

TheVictoriaMyssik studio offers virtual acting lessons and coaching sessions. With small class sizes, every student gets personal attention. Myssik cheers on their successes, challenges them to explore new roles, and encourages them to evolve as an artist.

As a business owner, Myssik works long hours. She runs the studio between her own acting work: going to auditions, reading scripts for upcoming film roles, and working on set. She started using Adobe Acrobat to handle documents more efficiently. From a single app, she can send and e-sign agreements, fill out forms, and highlight lines, all while working on the go.

Finding the right role in minutes with Document AI

Myssik spends most of her class prep time trying to find roles for students. She spends hours every day reading through scripts and plays. Sometimes she's looking for a monologue that will highlight a student's strengths for a reel. Other times, she's looking for roles that will challenge her students in front of audiences.

With Acrobat AI Assistant, Myssik can hone in on just the right scene or monologue to fit her goals for each student. Rather than spending hours reading an entire play, Myssik uses the PDF summarizer to get exactly what she needs: plot summary, the main emotional tone, how many scenes a character is in, and what is the most intense scene for that character. If it seems like a fit, she can skip right to the scene by following the citations provided by AI Assistant.

"It's mind-blowing how much time I save with Acrobat AI Assistant," says Myssik. "It cuts down hours of reading into a few minutes of work. I can run my business better, and more importantly, it adds to my overall success in life. I have more time to take care of myself, audition, connect with friends, and do other things."

Working in a team with AI

Myssik expanded her use of Acrobat AI Assistant to help her accomplish bigger goals that reach more aspiring actors. Her "Business of Acting" online class shares all of the practical information that Myssik wishes she had known, from what to look for in a headshot and how to find an agent, to understanding how US visas work for artists like her. She is currently working on a manual of the same name to reach a broader audience. Acrobat AI Assistant helped her structure the manual by suggesting an outline based on what she had already written.

Myssik also uses the Acrobat feature on smaller projects, such as a webinar on work authorizations for international students. Rather than spending hours reading through legalese, AI generated an outline for her presentation with key terminology and their definitions, creating a list of technical terms in less than a minute. The responses include citations to directly where the information was pulled so Myssik could further review exact definitions.

"Working with Acrobat AI Assistant is like bouncing ideas off of a very smart, detail-oriented teammate," says Myssik. "You get that sense of collaboration with a really talented team."

Staying focused on performance

Myssik has many more ideas to grow as an artist. She continues to challenge herself as an actor, including writing and directing projects. Expanding her business through more online classes, workshops, private coaching sessions, and books will allow her to reach more artists - perhaps even inspiring the next young actor from Kazakhstan to live their Hollywood dream.

"As a business owner, I'm constantly thinking about everything that I need to do," says Myssik. "But as a teacher and actor, I need to stay in the moment. Acrobat AI Assistant helps me get more done during the day so that I can clear my mind and stay focused on a scene. It makes me a better teacher and actor."

Learn more about AI Assistant and visit TheVictoriaMyssik to see more about her acting classes.