California State University, San Marcos

10/02/2023 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 10/03/2023 14:40

Announcing Our Next Associate Vice President of Campus Safety and Chief of Police

Dear campus community,

I am pleased to announce the permanent appointment of Jesus Flores to the role of associate vice president of campus safety and chief of police. Flores has been serving in an interim capacity since Aug. 1, 2022, and has showcased exceptional leadership and dedication during this period.

Flores joined our campus community as a police officer in 2001 and has consistently demonstrated a commitment to ensuring the safety and security of our university. During his tenure as interim chief of police, he undertook several significant initiatives that have enhanced our campus safety and emergency response capabilities.

Flores serves as chair of the Campus Police and Safety Advisory Committee, co-chair of the Campus Assessment, Response and Education (CARE) Team, and is an active member of the Timely Incident Response Task Force. He has demonstrated effective leadership by overseeing and actively participating in these crucial committees, ensuring that our strategies align with the evolving needs of our university.

Flores played a pivotal role in establishing and operationalizing the crisis response team, collaborating with Student Health & Counseling Services to recruit a director and effectively manage crisis situations on campus. He made strategic personnel appointments, including the appointment of a new lieutenant, and initiated an officer wellness program, prioritizing the well-being and resilience of our law enforcement team.

Flores facilitated multiple successful tabletop exercises, promoting cross-collaboration with our local partners and internal teams, and enhancing our university's readiness to respond to emergencies effectively. He has facilitated multiple safety forums to engage with the campus community, share information and receive feedback, and has served as a liaison to the Office of Inclusive Excellence for several years.

Flores's dedication, leadership and unwavering commitment to campus safety are exemplary. His vision for a safer campus environment and his proactive initiatives have set the foundation for a secure and supportive educational community.

Please join me in congratulating Jesus Flores on his permanent appointment. We are confident that, under his continued leadership, the sub-division will thrive and ensure the safety and well-being of our entire university community.

Leon Wyden Jr.
Vice President of Finance and Administrative Services, Chief Financial Officer