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Stay Ahead of Cyber Threats with Key Takeaways from Qualys Security Conference 2023

Stay Ahead of Cyber Threats with Key Takeaways from Qualys Security Conference 2023

November 28, 2023

By:Jag Kotra, Cybersecurity Practice Sales Leader, LTIMindtree

Discover the latest highlights from the Qualys Security Conference (QSC) 2023, where experts delve into the world of Vulnerability Management.

The surge in cyber threats has raised alarms across industries, prompting organizations to reevaluate their cybersecurity strategies and prepare for potential attacks. In recent months, several high-profile ransomware attacks and exploited vulnerabilities have targeted organizations worldwide, leading to significant disruptions and financial losses.

Critical vulnerabilities such as Log4Shell and PwnKit have added complexity to an already precarious cybersecurity landscape. Exploits such as PwnKit leverage known vulnerabilities to gain unauthorized access to vulnerable systems, emphasizing the importance of timely patching and proactive vulnerability management. Such vulnerability allows threat actors to execute arbitrary code remotely, potentially compromising sensitive data and wreaking havoc on affected systems.

These attacks have underscored the growing threat posed by cybercriminals, and enterprises today are facing challenges while measuring the risks. There is an urgent need for a centralized platform to remediate the threats.

Enterprises are facing challenges in measuring risks

  • Inability to comprehensively and accurately collect data
  • Visibility into critical vulnerabilities
  • Lack of threat and business context of vulnerabilities related to Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE), including
    • Ransomware - CVEs related to vulnerabilities
    • Dark web CVEs
    • Malware- CVEs exploited by known threat actors

To respond to these challenges effectively and facilitate faster and more accurate threat remediation, Qualys has introduced the Enterprise TruRisk Platform, built to meet evolving risk management needs. By leveraging the power of the platform, CISOs, and executive security, leaders can gain more confidence with the ability to measure, communicate, and eliminate cyber risk by guiding remediation actions linked to financial metrics through a single platform.

Streamline cyber risk management with TruRisk platform: your centralized solution

The QSC 2023 recently took place in Orlando from November 6th to 9th, bringing together cybersecurity leaders and professionals from around the world. At QSC 2023, Qualys announced significant upgrades to its platform, providing a range of SaaS-delivered features not only effectively to measure and reduce cyber risk but also to bring the focus on discovery, automated patching, and remediation as one integrated solution.

Qualys brings a new-age and comprehensive approach to Qualys vulnerability management. The platform focuses on risk-based assets and the addition of cloud posture in the overall remediation aspect. The new-gen vulnerability management is not only a risk-based visibility and prioritization solution for on-prem or cloud, but remediation integrated as a part of all this. This comes alive with Qualys Vulnerability Management, Detection and Response (VMDR) TruRisk FixIT. What's more and to make it more comprehensive is the VMDR TruRisk ProtectIT-which comes with all the benefits of TruRisk FixIT and complete anti-virus protection, consolidated VM, patch management, and ML-based threat protection, and rapid remediation via integrated endpoint security.

Qualys Enterprise TruRisk Platform is powered with generative AI for better engagement and faster resolution. With AI we can get outcomes including business asset criticality, security blind spots, and natural language processing.

AI-led autonomous patch management

The new platform also brings AI-driven autonomous security capabilities to support autonomous or semi-autonomous patch management and remediation actions. Its automated capabilities of co-relating vulnerabilities with patches and bringing required configuration changes and ready-to-deploy patch jobs will certainly be a game-changer. Bringing vulnerability and patch processes together, the solution will go a long way in bridging the gaps between IT and Security.

Qualys TotalCloud- unified cloud-native approach

Managing cloud security risks is a real challenge for enterprises looking for cloud security posture management and remediation. The cloud-native security risks include quickly identifying and inventorying cloud resources and vulnerabilities, visualizing posture to understand cloud risk exposure, policy, compliance, file integrity monitoring, and prioritizing and pinpointing where to remediate first.

To address these challenges, Qualys has introduced a cloud security platform called TotalCloud. The Platform provides a complete view of the cloud security posture and risk while simplifying inventory, assessment, prioritization, and remediation. The platform enables additional visibility and greater coverage for cloud resources, prioritizes and pinpoints where to start first, and automates remediation and cloud inventory discovery and assistance.

Experience the integrated risk-driven solution by LTIMindtree and Qualys

Qualys Enterprise TruRisk and TotalCloud platforms gel well with LTIMindtree's AI and risk-driven integrated advanced threat and vulnerability management platform, which covers infra to apps, IoT/OT, and Cloud. We have integrated Qualys into our overall advanced threat and vulnerability managed (ATVM) services platform ecosystem. Our customers benefit from Qualys vulnerability management TruRisk, which provides an all-in-one, cloud-based app that automates the entire vulnerability management cycle.

Our ATVM platform meets the needs of the enterprise security lifecycle, from vulnerability detection to remediation. With Qualys, our platform brings a comprehensive managed asset discovery and inventory, vulnerability assessment, policy configurations, and patch detection. Leveraging Qualys APIs, we continuously ingest vulnerability and configuration data into our managed SIEM for context-driven security analysis.

Qualys TotalCloud Platform scales on-demand and seamlessly integrates with our managed security services. Integrations include Qualys VMDR, which brings together discovery, assessment, detection, and response into a single cloud-based app - significantly accelerating the ability of organizations to respond to threats and effectively prevent breaches.

At LTIMindtree, we are integrating Generative AI within 'Vulnerability Management as a Service delivery' to change the way we make vulnerability threat surface discovery, vulnerability identification, detection, investigation, prioritization, resolution, and remediation.

By leveraging automated breach attack simulation and red teaming solutions alongside the platform, organizations can further develop enhanced cybersecurity posture, and improve threat visibility & cyber resiliency. With the release of the Enterprise TruRisk Platform, we are excited as our customers' ecosystem is secured and meets the growing needs of digital business with an AI-driven unified risk-based vulnerability management solution spanning on-premises, endpoints, cloud, containers, and OT environments.

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