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04/16/2021 | Press release | Archived content

TikTok Creator Spotlight: @OverloadComedy

TikTok is THE place to be for comedy, but @OverloadComedy, real name Shumirun Nessa, seriously takes it to the next level, combining her positive outlook on life, with hilarious skits about relatable real life situations and even dabbling in some trending TikTok challenges.

For Shumirun, anything can be funny if you don't take life too seriously, and she really shows us how it's done! Whether it's imitating animals, dueting other users' videos, pranking her husband or acting out scenes from her childhood, Shumirun never misses a trick or a laugh.

Taking inspiration from everyday life she regularly takes part in TikTok challenges, putting her own hilarious spin on the week's top trends, tracks or cultural moments. Just take a look at her Ramadan-themed take on Dua Lipa's #YouWantMe challenge, or her #InspirationalQuotes video, featuring her mum's favourite phrases.

Not to mention, she's a body positivity icon too, who's catch phrase 'I'm Bloody Gorgeous!' encourages users to embrace their natural beauty and learn to love, and laugh at themselves!

If that wasn't enough, as a proud Muslim TikToker, Shumirun's videos help to teach other users about the faith, through videos covering the most important Muslim festivals or fun facts about her faith.

We sat down with Shumirun to find out more about what it takes to become a TikTok comedian...

What do you love most about TikTok?

I love that on TikTok you can completely be yourself! When you share anything, whether it's something that you've been through or a talent you have, there will always be a group of people cheering you on! It's absolutely amazing!

Why is TikTok right for your content?

I believe that TikTok is the perfect platform to bring people together! I can completely be myself and and let out my crazy and not be judged for it! It's because of this that I am able to express my comedy and bring smiles and joy to others.

What is your goal on TikTok?

My goal is really to bring laughter to people all over the world. People have been going through a lot, especially recently with the pandemic, and if my videos can make one person smile or laugh, then I'm happy. I want to grow my following and community and reach more people so that I can spread smiles and laughter.

What is on your TikTok feed?

I follow a lot of funny content creators as well as dancers, so that I can keep up with the latest trends! My page is all about spreading smiles and laughter as well as promoting body positivity! That is what I am all about!

What is your favourite TikTok you have made to date and why?

I created a video of me showing my natural face with its dark circles and double chin, saying that I am 'BLOODY GORGEOUS', which is true, I am confident and bloody gorgeous! That video now has 40.4 million views!

What inspires your comedy skits Shumirun?

A lot of my videos come from my own childhood, and some come from movies and real life situations. I used to be very shy and introverted, but when I found out that I have a heart condition, it changed my whole perspective on how I see life. Initially I was sad, but now I recognise that my heart condition has changed my life for the better! Now I am so happy, confident, brave and funny that I want to spread what I have.

You have had an amazing reaction to your recent TikTok post about fasting over the month of Ramadan; do you think comedy can be a good vehicle for education too?

Yes of course! If we incorporate comedy into education, people are more in tune with what others are saying and doing. I loved my Maths and Science teachers because they used to make lessons funny and interactive. So if we can incorporate comedy into other aspects of life, I think life would be so much brighter!