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Material Fact 02/09/2018


Publicly-Held Company

Corporate Taxpayer ID CNPJ/MF no. 11.395.624/0001-71

Company Registry (NIRE) 35.300.374.797


BRASIL PHARMA S.A. - IN JUDICIAL REORGANIZATION, a corporation registered in Brazilian Securities Commission ("CVM") as a category A publicly-held corporation, with headquarters in the City of São Paulo, State of São Paulo, at Rua dos Pinheiros, No. 498, 9nd floor, Pinheiros, Zip Code 05422-902, with their certificate of incorporation registered at Junta Comercial do Estado de São Paulo under the Company Registry (NIRE) 35.300.374.797, enrolled with the Corporate Taxpayer ID CNPJ/MF under the no. 11.395.624/0001-71 ("Company"), in accordance with the article 157, paragraph 4th, of the Law No. 6,404/1976, as amended ("Corporate Law") and the CVM Instruction No. 358/2002, as amended, hereby informs its shareholders and the market in general of the following:

On this date, the Company has received notices sent by BTGI VIII Empreendimentos e Participações SA ("BTGI") and by BTG Pactual SA ("BTG"), communicating the advance maturity of the following Bank Credit Notes issued by the Company and whose debit balance together, on this date, approximately five hundred and fifty million Brazilian Reais (BRL 550,000,000.00) ("CCBs"):

  • (i) CCB No. 2017011201, issued in favor of Banco Modal S.A., on January 12, 2017, and endorsed on the same date to BTGI; and

  • (ii) CCB No. 128/77, issued in favor of BTG on July 10, 2017.

Pursuant to the terms of the early maturity notifications received, BTGI and BTG have reserved the right to, at any time, carry out the excussion of the guarantees provided under the CCBs.

Managers also inform that they are evaluating the possible impacts due on the anticipated maturity in the context of the Company corporate and economic restructuring, and they reiterates its commitment to keep shareholders and the market in general informed concerning the progress of the matters discussed herein and with respect to any other relevant matter to the market.

São Paulo, February 9yh, 2018.

Leonardo Leirinha Souza Campos

Investors Relations Officer