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Better By Bike - Rider Spotlight - Lisa Hauck

Rider Spotlight

How long have you been bicycling and how did you get started?

I started mountain biking in 1999. I saw something on television that showed someone riding their mountain bike amidst the pine trees in the forest. It looked like something I needed to try because I love being in the mountains.  Very few of my early rides were actually in the mountains, but I fell in love nonetheless. Being out on the dirt trails reminded me of being a child playing outside.

What advice would you give to someone looking to get started going by bike?

Make sure you are fit to your bike the best way you can.  There are professionals who have been educated on body and limb discrepancies and how to fit a body onto a specific bike. They can be pricey though so at the very least, ask your sales person if the bike shop can do a basic fit so the seat height and bar distance is appropriate for you and your new bike.

How do protected bike lanes support your commute?

I used to commute from North Park to Downtown and I used bike paths daily on the way to work. During the pandemic I have worked from home, using my lunch break daily to get out on the road in a bike lane in order to safely get a ride in. Many weekends I will ride my bike from my house to the trail using bike lanes to get there.

Where are your favorite places to bike to in San Diego?

Over the years I have had many favorite bike trails. However, my favorite trails to date are Big Laguna Trail (BLT) and the Cuyamaca trail. The BLT loop is a wonderful place to ride for all skill level riders. It offers beautiful views and you can craft the ride to be easy, moderate or difficult as well as shorter to longer. At Cuyamaca trail, I regularly see wild turkey and deer and love the challenge the trail presents in some sections.

What makes San Diego a great place to bike?

San Diego is a great place to bike because we have such a large trail system and so many cyclists. There are many groups you can join and it is always fun to wrap a ride up by grabbing food or a drink with your bike crew after the ride. San Diego has plenty of food and drink options to accommodate. Additionally, in San Diego you can experience wildlife in person, coming across cows, coyotes, turkey, deer, squirrel, chipmunks, lizards, snakes and so many other random sightings!

What's the one thing you think people should know about biking?

You do not have to be the strongest or most disciplined to ride a bike.  It is a sport where people can take leisure rides or get an intense workout. The best part about cycling whether on the road or a mountain is being one with your environment.

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