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How to Remove Rogue Sellers and Counterfeits from Amazon

One of the most important topics in ecommerce is channel control. In ecommerce, channel control means a brandhas complete control of their representation across all marketplaces (Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Target, Google Shopping,their websiteetc.). This includes consistent appearance and voice, consistent pricing, and a consistent product experience for all consumers.

Brands have struggled with channel control for years, and 2020 has made accomplishing that mission even more difficult. As the number of online sellers increases at an overwhelming rate, so too does the number of rogue sellers and Minimum Advertising Price (MAP)violators.

Why is Channel Control Important?

Channel control is essential for protecting a brand's bottom line, and perhaps even more importantly, their reputation. Every day,we hear from brandsthat are struggling to enforce their reseller policiesand are seeking assistance. They frequently find roguesellers in their listing violating MAPand it can be extremely difficult to identify the source of the rogueseller's product.

Suchsituations arefrustrating and time-consuming, but they must be addressed because channel control is fundamental for a brand'ssuccess.

It Affects Shopper Confidence

When brands lack channel control, it results in inconsistent branding, inconsistent pricing, inconsistent customer service, etc., all of which can put shoppers on guard. Is the producta fake?Is the atypically low price a deal or a scam? Are they receiving reliable answers to questions about product use, appearance, and safety?

To maintain channel control, brands musthavean enforceable selling strategy. Manybrandshave MAP policies, and some have Authorized Reseller Agreements or Exclusive Agreements. However, even among these brands, many still lack a plan for how to enforce their policies, and a policy that can't be enforced isn't worth anything.

How to Remove Rogue Sellers and Counterfeits

So, how can you enact and enforce astrategyto safeguard your brand's channel control? Monitoring and managing thousands of sellers is certainly no small effort. At Kaspien,werecommend utilizing softwareand/or partnershipsto make this enormous task more manageable.

Price & Seller Tracking Software - Perispect

If your strategy requires enforcing a MAP policy tracked across multiple listings and sellers, Perispect willsave youvaluable time.

Perispectis Kaspien'sproprietary brand protection software. It empowersbrands to track sellers and their pricing across 6 marketplaces and 9 countries, all inone platform. Why is that helpful?

Marketplaces Do Not Enforce MAP or MSRP

Well, twenty-five years in, it's no secret that Amazon takes ahands-off approach to enforcing MAP or MSRP. Amazon's mission to have the lowest prices available with the quickest delivery. When sellers price down, even if it'sjust a few cents, they make the marketplacemore attractive to shoppers. Other marketplaces, such as Walmart, eBay, Wish, etc. are following Amazon's lead as well. As a result, brands cannot rely on the marketplace to help them enforce their pricing policy; they must do that themselves.

PerispectEmpowers Sellers with Actionable Insights

That's where Perispectcomes in. Perispect scans each marketplace, identifies the sellers in your listings as well as their listed price, and stores this information in acentralized, easy-to-read dashboard!If a rogue seller appears or a seller drops below MAP, Perispectimmediately notifies you.

As a result, you don't have to manually monitor your brand'slistings and sellers. Even if a seller changes their name, Perispect'sseller tracking capabilities will record the name change and associate it with the previous record, so you can track a seller's actions regardless of whether they rename themselves.

The software also provides brands withthe seller's contact information,including email, phone number, address, Merchant ID, and their seller rating,along with their total number of ratings. This enables brands to quickly assess the seller and send violation notices. These notices are then tracked in a case management dashboard, making it easy to follow up.

Gain Evidence to Enable Enforcement

In Perispect, brands can easily see their channel from a brand level or by seller. At a brand level,brands will see all their listings, MAP price, numberof offerings, and the lowest price. A dropdown on each listing shows the sellers,their pricing, and a screenshot of their pricingto use as evidencein the event of a pricing violation. The screenshots are stored for 2 weeks.

How Much Does PerispectCost?

Perispectstarts at $99/month.

Unauthorized Seller Removal with VantageBP

While Amazon plays a hands-off role with MAP policies, Amazon does take product infringement very seriously. As your channel grows, so too does the likelihood of counterfeit products and roguesellers entering yourlistings. VantageBPcan help brand's remove these sellers.

VantageBPRemoves Counterfeits and Unauthorized Sellers

VantageBP is a proven ecommerce monitoring and enforcement agency that specializesinidentifying roguesellers and eliminating counterfeit products from the marketplaces. VantageBP'srapid scanning technology quickly identifies unauthorized resellers and new products listings.

When VantageBP discovers a violation, they send an automated seller notification requestingthe seller'sinformation and where they obtained your products. If no response is received after 48 hours,they send a second notice. If the seller providesan invoice, receipt, or supplier information,they will be marked as 'verified'in VantageBP'ssystem. If they do not respond with adequate information,the seller is flagged as 'unauthorized.' VantageBPthen generatesand filesan enforcement action requestwith the given marketplace to expediteremoval.

What Happens if Sellers Cannot be Removed?

If the seller provides a supplier invoice or supplier information, VantageBPcannot remove theseller from the listing,as they are following Amazon's reseller policies.However, VantageBPwill still pass along anyinformation they gathered to you so you can informthe supplier of your reseller policies.

Track Progress in Real-Time

VantageBPshares a real-time dashboard with their clients showing their finding. Brands can review information bylisting or by seller. By receiving the information updates in real-time, brands canhave immediate conversations with suppliers, instead of waiting for weekly or monthly updates. The information gathered from the sellers is saved within the dashboard, giving you access to the evidence you need for relaying requests tosuppliers.

Why Doesn't Kaspien Remove Rogue Sellers?

Kaspien partners with brands in one of three ways - as their wholesale retailer, as their ecommerce agency, or as their software provider. Because Kaspien is a third-party seller, there's a conflict of interestif we try to remove other third-party sellers. However, many of our partners request assistance in removing unauthorized sellers from their listings. That's why we partner with VantageBPto provide this important service.

How Much does VantageBP Cost?

Kaspien'spartners receive a referral discount when working with VantageBP. VantageBPcustomizes their monthly fee based on your brand's needs, and there are no contracts locking you in. After working with VantageBPfor just 4 months, one of our partners saw a 62% increase in listing control!

Other Ways to Protect Your Brandon Amazon

While achieving and maintaining channel control may be difficult,it's well worth the effort. In addition to Perispectand VantageBP, here are some free resources on other ways brands can safeguardtheironline brand integrity.

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