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Toledo, OH - Today, Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur (OH-09), Ranking Member on the Appropriations Subcommittee on Energy and Water Development released the following statement regarding the transfer of the former FirstEnergy/Energy Harbor nuclear assets to Vistra Energy Corporation of Irving, Texas:

"Today, our region begins its transition to a new, advanced nuclear energy future. We are extremely hopeful that the announced transfer of the nuclear assets formerly owned by the corrupt FirstEnergy Nuclear Operating Company to Vistra Energy Corporation of Irving, Texas marks the dawn of a new culture of excellence in management. The legacy of corruption by the former operator must be swept away. New, private nuclear energy investment here holds promise to attract added Federal support for nuclear modernization and innovation in plant design, engineering performance, and energy diversification. Our economic future depends on safe, reliable, sophisticated, affordable, and diversified energy production to serve customers across our vast industrial and agricultural region. My fervent hope is that this new beginning will achieve a regional culture of nuclear energy sophistication. Managers of this plant - located in Ottawa County in the heart of Ohio's 9th Congressional district - must shelve forever the criminal corruption that has plagued the workers and customers that relied on the former operator for their lives and livelihoods. Let us mark today as the beginning of new promise for safe, clean, advanced energy production across our region.

"Changing technologies will require new investments in engineering and hardware along with the finest workforce development opportunities for advancing training of the exceptional people who manage, operate, engineer, repair, inspect, and improve the nuclear production platform for our region. As the new owners assume their awesome responsibilities, we urge them to help restore the funding base of our school systems in Ottawa County using all potential means including nuclear tax credits, which Congress has passed, as well as other means to cushion the economic blow that the region has endured due to the devaluation of the plant's public utility property. It is my hope that nuclear engineers, and trade unions including electricians inside and outside the plant, plumbers, pipefitters, boilermakers, inspectors, and personnel associated with the plant will be afforded the respect they deserve. I urge Vistra to take immediate action to improve morale among the plant's critical safety and security personnel and to rectify Energy Harbor's alleged violation of Local 245's collective bargaining agreement.

"Additionally, I urge Vistra to afford workers the opportunity to advance educationally in the field of nuclear energy production. As America advances technologies in a new energy age, let us pledge to work together to create a diversified energy platform that will serve this region well for the generations to come. We must assure the facility is exceptionally well run, dedicated to excellence, workforce training, and necessary operational investments with no shortcuts nor interference from the commercial market or political pressure that threatens the lives of the workers, our community, or quality of Lake Erie. The competitiveness of our marketplace demands we operate the best nuclear platform in America. I wish to thank Vistra and, specifically CEO Jim Burke, for their straightforward approach to this transition of ownership, and their team's dedication to achieve a culture of excellence in commercial nuclear power energy production and transmission."

You can also findYou can also find a copy of Congresswoman Kaptur's letter to the editor on nuclear corruption from the Toledo Blade 'Where's the outrage?' by clicking here. You can find a video of Congresswoman Kaptur's remarks on the House floor this week about new FirstEnergy indictments by clicking here.

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