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12/02/2020 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 12/02/2020 05:19

Faurecia renews its sponsorship agreement with the Collège de France


Faurecia renews its sponsorship agreement with the Collège de France

Faurecia and the Collège de France Foundation are renewing their partnership for a further three years. This exceptional sponsorship agreement, worth 1.5 million euros in total, will fund fundamental research and the dissemination of scientific knowledge to all. In an era shaken by an unprecedented global health crisis, Faurecia is underlining the key role played by research and the communication of research through teaching and is demonstrating its belief in humanity, and in our capacity to solve the problems we face.
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As a leading technology player in the automotive industry, Faurecia has been committed to working with the Collège de France Foundation since 2017. This sponsorship reflects Faurecia's will to promote research through an ecosystem of scientific and academic collaborations which enrich thought around future technological and societal change. Through this exceptional support, Faurecia aims to foster the pursuit of excellence in free, ambitious research in the experimental, human, and social sciences. This support ensures the flexibility and financial responsiveness which are critical if French research is to spearhead major advances and retain its position at the cutting edge of science.


The Collège de France epitomises French research excellence across a diverse array of disciplines. Its scale, wide range of skills, the international reputation of its researchers, and its ability to combine disciplines so that sciences converge and produce fresh avenues for innovation all bring high added value to our research in strategic sectors, and more broadly to all industrial and economic stakeholders. In a changing world where speed is critical, forming a strong ecosystem is a significant asset in delivering timely solutions to major challenges in our society.

Patrick Koller
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Chief Executive Officer of Faurecia


Convinced of the key role of research in all its diversity and of the importance of its dissemination in shaping the future, particularly during a global health crisis, Faurecia was keen to renew its agreement with the Collège de France Foundation and its commitment to supporting teaching and research at the Collège de France. This sponsorship agreement, worth 1.5 million euros, combined with additional funds raised by the Foundation, will contribute to the appointment of new professors and the dissemination of scientific knowledge to the widest possible audience. This dissemination of knowledge, which has been one of the core values of the Collège de France since its foundation in 1530, is particularly relevant today as fake news stories proliferate; it is a flagship feature of this institution which despite lockdown restrictions continues to fulfil its teaching mission through its Digital Campus where over 10,000 hours of lectures are available free of charge. Professor Marc Fontecave, President of the Collège de France Foundation, welcomed this continued trust and Faurecia's ongoing commitment to the pursuit of high-level research in France in collaboration with the Collège de France and its professors, and to raising public awareness of scientific knowledge. Faurecia's sponsorship is exemplary and provides the means to accelerate the development of projects based on free, innovative research, continuing the tradition of the institution's professors dating back to 1530. He also highlighted that since its creation in 2008, through the generosity of corporate sponsors, individual donors and bequests, the Foundation has allocated over 19 million euros to research programmes, enabling the recruitment of over 90 young researchers, providing funding for high-tech research facilities, or supporting archaeological digs.


With 248 industrial sites, 37 R&D centres and 115,000 employees in 37 countries, Faurecia is a global leader in automotive technology. Its mission is to develop Sustainable Mobility technologies and to create personalised experiences for the Cockpit of the Future. The group also offers solutions to meet the challenges facing future generations, in line with its core principles. Faurecia is at the centre of an open innovation ecosystem bringing together stakeholders in the research, automotive industry and technology fields. Universities and scientific institutions play a key role in the development of new technologies, but also in the production of information which allows us to enhance and accelerate the integration of new technologies and improve existing solutions. This type of partnership develops Faurecia's in-house capability through regular training courses, technical exchanges and the recruitment of specialist researchers who can share their knowledge and skills.


The Collège de France Foundation, a state-registered association, has been working alongside the Collège de France since 2008 to promote free and ambitious research and the transfer of knowledge through teaching accessible to all. Working with businesses and individuals, its aim is to support scientific research and to help the Collège de France fulfil its mission to disseminate knowledge to the widest possible audience.


The Collège de France, an institution founded in the sixteenth century which is unique in France and the only one of its kind in the world, is both a research centre for cutting-edge multidisciplinary fundamental research addressing the major scientific and social challenges of our times, and a teaching centre which is free and open to everyone with a thirst for knowledge.