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02/07/2023 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 02/08/2023 00:19

Reed Statement on President Biden’s State of the Union Address

March 02, 2022

Reed Statement on President Biden's State of the Union Address

WASHINGTON, DC - U.S. Senator Jack Reed (D-RI) tonight released the following statement on President Joe Biden's State of the Union address:

"Tonight, President Biden spoke directly to the American people and summoned us to come together with a sense of determination, purpose, and hope.

"COVID-19 caused unprecedented challenges and immeasurable loss. President Biden's commonsense policies and steady hand have helped guide us safely through a raging and chaotic pandemic response he inherited and helped communities and states re-open.

"With 215 million Americans now vaccinated, the state of our union is healthier and more resilient, and a recovering economy is poised to grow even stronger.

"This administration is delivering more jobs and opportunities for working families. It is taking needed steps to confront inflation, relieve shipping bottlenecks, make insulin and prescription drugs more affordable, and lower the costs of food. Under President Biden's leadership, we passed a landmark bipartisan infrastructure law to modernize America's roads, bridges, water systems, and broadband. His emphasis was to rebuild our infrastructure so we are more productive and to make it in America, so that there are more jobs and good paying jobs.

"Tonight, President Biden offered a unifying message. He outlined a blueprint for accelerating economic progress, strengthening job growth, protecting voting rights, combating climate change, and lowering prices for things like food, medicine, child care, and the necessities of life. I agree with the president that to fight inflation we must lower costs, not wages.

"He challenged Congress to put the public good ahead of partisanship and move forward on this ambitious agenda.

"Joe Biden is a man of honor and integrity who says what he means and keeps his word. The tone and substance of tonight's address stands in stark contrast to the previous administration. Sitting in the House chamber, one is reminded of the chaos of January 6, 2020 as insurrectionists, fueled by lies and warped conspiracy theories, stormed the Capitol and brutally assaulted police in an effort to overturn an election and throw our democracy into chaos.

"Today, across the Atlantic, the people of Ukraine are fighting for their freedom against invasion by a tyrant and his authoritarian regime. Vladimir Putin is seeking to destroy a democracy on his doorstep. But President Biden is leading a strong, coordinated international response to save innocent lives and help the people of Ukraine defend their homeland. He combatted Putin's lies with the truth. Tonight, he reminded the country that even in times of strife and sacrifice we stand for freedom and peace. He reminded the world that the United States has a strong leader and skilled diplomat serving as Commander-in-Chief - a person who can wisely wield the power of our ideals and alliances along with our economic and military power.

"Americans sacrificed for each other during the pandemic to protect their families, loved ones, and communities. Time and again, Americans have demonstrated a willingness to come together in support of a common effort. Our nation is at its best when we live up to our lofty ideals and I hope all Americans across the political spectrum will renew their commitment to defending democracy and upholding our core values."

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