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Parliament 1918-1920: Vrtanes Papazian’s Request to Parliament on Setting National Mourning Day

Parliament 1918-1920: Vrtanes Papazian's Request to Parliament on Setting National Mourning Day

On April 3, 1920, writer Vrtanes Papazian addressed a document to the Parliament of the First Republic - to declare April 12 (according to the old calendar) a National Day of Mourning. Papazian especially underlined: 'For coming up with an idea about the horror of loss, it is enough to mention that 760 intellectuals were killed and slaughtered.' The writer describes that on April 11, 12 and 13, 1915, the Turkish Government planned to exterminate, first of all, the Armenian intellectuals: Daniel Varoujan, Krikor Zohrab, Siamanto and others.

Papazian ends the letter as follows: 'I hopeful that the Parliament of Armenia, examining my proposal perfectly in accordance with its heart and feelings, will make a proper conclusion as a knowledge for everyone'.