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G7 Support for the Vision for Adapted Crops and Soils

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G7 Support for the Vision for Adapted Crops and Soils

Press Statement

Antony J. Blinken, Secretary of State

June 14, 2024

The G7 took an important step today by recognizing the urgent need to create resilient and nutritious food systems that feed our growing populations in the face of climate change. Through the Apulia Food Security Initiative, the G7 is endorsing the Vision for Adapted Crops and Soils (VACS) and integrating soil health and crop diversity practices into agricultural policies, programs, and development activities.

We know it is essential to build food systems grounded in diverse, nutritious, and climate adapted crops grown in healthy, fertile soils. Crops need good soils to be productive, while soils need diverse crops to be sustainable. The two are co-dependent and foundational to building more resilient food systems. This approach is core to the U.S. government's signature hunger initiative, Feed the Future.

With the commitment expressed by the G7 leaders, the international community is adopting and embracing an approach that addresses foundational barriers to global food security. We are improving food systems by building resilience and productive capacity, including through investments in healthy, fertile soil management and climate-adapted crop varieties.

As climate change continues to threaten agricultural productivity and the ability to feed our populations, we can adapt to the food insecurity challenges before us. We welcome the food security commitments in the G7 Leaders Statement and encourage future partners to support VACS. Together, in collaboration and coordination, we can create a resilient foundation, where countries can effectively feed themselves and others.