McDonald's Corporation

11/17/2020 | Press release | Archived content

Lifelong Learning, Career Growth, and Professional Achievement Served Here at McDonald’s➝

Right now at McDonald's across the country, restaurant employees are gaining work readiness skills, earning high school diplomas and college degrees, and building careers. They're making their dreams happen, and we're proud that McDonald's benefits and resources are here to serve them on their journey.

Here are some of the life-building opportunities McDonald's restaurant employees can access to progress, wherever it may lead - including skills development, tuition assistance, and career advancement.


Restaurant employees at McDonald's can take multiple paths to develop valuable professional skills useful throughout life. These talents and qualifications are sought after by hiring managers across the nation, especially the work readiness skills most commonly developed through the McDonald's experience - teamwork, customer service, time management and responsibility.

Beyond on-the-job skills development, over 7,600 restaurant employees have graduated from English Under the Arches®, a free English language course for all non-native English-speaking crew members and managers. We've seen these virtual and in-person language classes help restaurant employees take big steps on their professional and personal journeys. One of them is Yenis.