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04/30/2021 | Press release | Archived content

FCC reaffirms its commitment to the Diversity Charter

FCC has renewed its commitment to the Spanish Diversity Charter for the 2021 - 2023 period, in recognition for its equal opportunities policies, its commitment to social inclusion and to become an increasingly diverse and socially responsible company, promoting actions and projects that foster inclusion and equal opportunities through employment.

Diversity Management is a commitment of the General Human Resources Department, which aims to promote the necessary cultural change required to address the challenges that the company faces as a result of its growing internationalisation and to optimise how teams of people with diverse profiles are managed within the organisation.
FCC adhered to the principles of the Diversity Charter in July 2014, with the commitment to comply with a decalogue of principles and communicate it with these values:

1. Raise awareness on the principles of equal opportunities and respect for diversity, including them as company values and promoting them among the staff.
2. Make progress in building a diverse workforce, fostering the integration of professionals with different backgrounds, regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, race, nationality, ethnicity, religion, beliefs, age, disability, or any other personal or social circumstance.
3. Promote inclusion, favouring effective integration, avoiding any kind of discrimination (direct or indirect) at work.
4. Take diversity into account in all its human resources policies, managing diversity with a transversal approach, as the basis and principle of all decisions taken in this area.
5. Promote work-life balance through a balance between work, family and leisure time, establishing mechanisms that allow for the balance of work, family and personal life for all staff.
6. Recognise the diversity of its customers, which is also a source of innovation and development.
7. Extend and communicate the commitment to its staff, sharing and extending to the whole company the responsibility that the organisation adopts by being a signatory of the Diversity Charter.
8. Disseminate the commitment among its suppliers, inviting them to join the group of companies in Spain that adhere to the voluntary commitment promoted by the Charter.
9. Transfer and convey this commitment to Administrations, business organisations, trade unions and other social agents.
10. Reflect the activities backing non-discrimination, as well as the results obtained from the implementation of diversity policies in the company's annual report.

The principles of the Diversity Charter adhere to the provisions of the company's Equality and Diversity Policy, which establishes the integration of diversity as a central piece of its activities.

FCC has the vocation to roll out actions and programmes that promote equality, diversity and workplace integration in a proactive manner, with the purpose of contributing to the well-being of its people and to strengthen its links with the communities in which it is present and where it provides its services.

The FCC Group aims to create an organisational environment that matches the organisation's external diversity, which attracts, retains and empowers people of diverse profiles, who bring new options and points of view, creative solutions, and knowledge of cultural and economic diversity of markets, promoting a culture that allows it to establish a connection between the corporate values and the priorities and needs of the people that are part of FCC.

The Diversity Charter is an initiative of the European Commission's Directorate of Justice for the development of its non-discrimination policies. The Diversity Foundation, sponsored by the Alares Foundation, is the only entity responsible for issuing this seal in Spain, which responds to a voluntary commitment code to support and promulgate the principles of the inclusion of diversity and non-discrimination at the workplace.

By joining this initiative, FCC is supporting diversity management as a business, social and legal imperative.

All for the right of all people, regardless of their age, origin, religion, sexual orientation, race, culture, disability or gender, to have the same opportunities to access, remain and be promoted at work, ensuring the correct family-work balance. In turn, this can enhance the quality of life and work of people.