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Unified Observability with VMware Operations for Applications

You're big on data and so are we. Data is essential for us to understand how our applications are performing, get visibility into events and errors, and proactively rectify problem areas for better business agility. Developers are faced with challenges when it comes to managing data and their private, public, and multi-cloud environments. Disparate tools to monitor metrics, traces, and logs provide an incomplete story, leaving developers to invest time and energy to analyze it.

To provide a comprehensive and unified solution, we are excited to announce the General Availability of VMware Aria Operations for Applications with log support. Customers get full-stack observability, faster mean time to resolution (MTTR), enhanced Kubernetes and public cloud experiences.

Metrics, log, traces, and events in a single pane of glass.

Figure 1

Data is available to developers and their teams from multiple applications, services, multi-cloud infrastructures, etc. The way this data is interpreted and utilized is critical to maintain SLAs and business agility. Without the right observability tools, developers must use multiple tools and dashboards to help troubleshoot their applications and services and stay on top of complex environments. This can take time and result in disconnected data without any actionable insights. With VMware Aria Operations for Applications support for logs, developers can now gain:

  • Full-stack observability with traces, metrics, and logs across cloud native apps and multi-cloud environments.
  • A single-source-of-truth solution that gathers and visualizes metrics and eliminates the need of isolated tools and costs associated. See Figure 1.
  • Deep insights into logs enables identification of errors, exceptions, alerts, and events or trends that correlate with a specific problem.

Simplify troubleshooting processes, reduce MTTR, and improve business agility.

Figure 2

Increased application usage, user requirements, and complex data have made monitoring and managing multi-cloud environments much more complex and time-consuming. With logs included in VMware Aria Operations for Applications, developers and their teams can:

  • Experience enhanced troubleshooting workflows including log summary and instantaneous chart visualizations and real-time updates. See Figure 2.
  • Navigate between tracing and logging data to gain valuable insights to quickly identify and resolve issues, reducing MTTR.
  • Simplify troubleshooting processes and minimize downtime with RED metrics to help proactively monitor service performance.

Enhanced Kubernetes and public cloud experience

Figure 3

Organizations that utilize multiple tools to ingest log data may find challenges in efficiently searching and analyzing them. This data can be leveraged when organizations need more visibility into bugs, alerts, security threats, even compliance regulations. By delivering one observability dashboard that records metrics, traces, and logs, developers can:

  • Gain enhanced visibility into Kubernetes for easier troubleshooting, monitoring, optimizing, and adherence to compliance standards.
  • Use VMware Aria Operations for Applications to quickly pinpoint suspicious activity, analyze log data, and reduce MTTR. See Figure 3.
  • Ingest logs with FluentBIT agent.
  • Ingest logs with AWS Cloudwatch.

We're excited to share this seamless integration with you! You can leverage your existing VMware tools and VMware Aria Operations for Applications to get full-stack observability across your multi-cloud environments. Customers using VMware Aria Operations for Logs (SaaS) can leverage their existing solution with VMware Operations for Applications. You can also sign up for the trial version of VMware Operations for Logs to see the benefits in real-time action!

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