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GenAI in customer experience: Powering the future today

ChatGPT captured our collective imagination when it burst into the mainstream last year, setting off a hype cycle that hasn't abated.

The enterprise is where generative AI (GenAI) will become more than tech's newest shiny object. GenAI is transforming the way we work, unlocking new efficiencies, driving productivity, and creating employee and customer experiences we never could have imagined.

ServiceNow is at the forefront of this transformation. As a company, we've been at this for a long time. AI is deeply embedded in the DNA of the Now Platform®, so it only makes sense for us to embrace GenAI in customer experience.

Our three latest GenAI innovations-flow generation, Now Assist in Virtual Agent, and Now Assist for Field Service Management-represent an evolution of AI capabilities we've been building for years. This expansion, combined with the capabilities in the Now Platform Vancouver release, makes it clear that the promise of enterprise GenAI is not some distant future state. It's happening right now at companies across the globe.

GenAI solutions to meet the moment

I have the privilege of meeting with ServiceNow customers all over the world, and one thing is universal: Customers are under pressure. In the face of continued macro turbulence, they're being asked to do more with less. Their digital transformation mandates remain unchanged.

Customers turn to us to drive efficiency, productivity, and agility. They need solutions that augment their workforce and spur experiences that delight customers and employees alike.

ServiceNow® GenAI solutions are designed to meet this moment. The GenAI capabilities in this latest release help unlock the potential of customers' existing workforces and power experiences that were previously unimaginable.

Flow generation, for example, accelerates workflow automation using GenAI to generate workflow blueprints. The new solution helps admins and developers convert plain text into low-code workflows, freeing them from building flow automation from scratch and speeding up development at scale.

We're deploying Now Assist, ServiceNow's GenAI experiences, in more workflows to provide even better customer experiences. Now Assist in Virtual Agent delivers a more natural, conversational chat experience for both customers and employees. The result is increased deflection rates, better self-service, and fast, more relevant support.

With Now Assist for Field Service Management, customers can simplify data entry and summarize work orders. This is a game changer for technicians in the field.

Customer-driven innovation

Far from a magic bullet, GenAI must be strategically designed and deployed in the enterprise to deliver meaningful outcomes. That requires understanding your customers and their customers.

That's why customers are a critical part of the way we innovate. I see it as a partnership. Our customers' job is to tell us how we can help solve their problems and to give us honest feedback. Our job is to listen and innovate on their behalf.

This spirit of partnership is a major driver of AI Lighthouse, a first-of-its-kind program created alongside NVIDIA and Accenture to accelerate GenAI adoption in the enterprise. Global digital services leader Teleperformance recently joined AI Lighthouse to develop even more GenAI use cases.

We also partnered with Cognizant to propel AI adoption across industries, and we joined forces with Deloitte to integrate GenAI capabilities with next-generation managed services. We're letting customers in under the hood to collaborate on custom large language models, applications, and capabilities that put AI to work for them.

A skills revolution

GenAI will be a force multiplier for the workforce, enhancing productivity and ushering in a new age of exponential performance. A new age requires new skills. ServiceNow has committed to skill 1 million people on the Now Platform by the end of 2024 via RiseUp with ServiceNow. We recently launched two Now Learning courses that help provide foundational skills for the GenAI revolution:

  • Introduction to Generative AI is our crash course in GenAI fundamentals. This short, impactful program introduces key concepts about what GenAI is, how it works, and how it's changing industries and communities. It's a perfect jumping-off point for beginners.

  • Now Assist Essentials, for more advanced learners, teaches developers, implementers, and ServiceNow administrators how to add GenAI into their workflows.

The GenAI revolution is accelerating an existing trend. Instead of rigid job qualifications, skills are fast becoming the new workforce currency. ServiceNow helps future-proof the workforce by focusing on building the right skills, including skills to be successful in a GenAI world.

What excites me most about GenAI is that it's no longer simply about the promise of the technology. It's about the impact. With our GenAI expansion and the capabilities in the Vancouver release, it's clearer than ever that enterprise GenAI is here to stay. Our customers can put AI to work today, not tomorrow.

Find out more about GenAI experiences on the Now Platform.

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