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Securing your organization from ransomware attacks - An introduction to LTIMINDTREE VAULT

Securing your organization from ransomware attacks - An introduction to LTIMINDTREE VAULT

March 17, 2023

By:Amit Motiwale, Practice Lead, Storage and Backup, LTIMindtree

In the modern world, a persisting problem for all organizations is the lurking threat of a ransomware attack that can significantly affect the organization's data and impact its brand. In a possible ransomware attack and subsequent disaster recovery scenarios, the value of backup solutions is critical. However, there are multiple challenges and potentially tricky situations for managing backups. For instance, there could be situations where data cannot be restored because of backup failures or because the server was never included in the backup schedule.

Respond, recover, and reduce.

So, what can we do to avoid such scenarios in the first place, safeguard our recovered data, and make it available during such events? That is where the value of a robust ransomware recovery plan becomes crucial. Here are three ways in which such a plan can help your organization tackle such a scenario:

  • Respond quickly, assess the business impact, strategies, the recovery plan
  • Recover data and restart applications faster, starting with the most critical business operations
  • Reduce costs related to business interruptions, remediation, recovery, and potential ransom payments

LTIMINDTREE VAULT - An industry-leading backup and recovery platform

The LTIMINDTREE VAULT, in partnership with Rubrik, is designed to support ransomware protection and multiple other use cases. This robust, integrated platform can help enterprises assess their data management practices to define roadmaps and procedures and prepare them to be more resilient from known and unknown threats such as ransomware and beyond.

The LTIMINDTREE VAULT leverages Rubrik's inbuilt capabilities and LTIMindtree's experience and skills in operational expertise and automation. This unique combination enables specific capabilities that make us stand out from similar offerings.

Early detection of attacks

AI/Machine learning capabilities built into Radar are used to establish normal baseline activities for each node. It is then used to monitor behaviors that vary significantly from the baseline. If behaviors like abnormal file change rates and unusual filesystem sizes are detected, our team reacts quickly and contains ransomware before it causes significant damage based on this data.

Identification and protection of critical data

Using the Rubrik Sonar scans, we can make informed decisions about how to better organize and protect our sensitive data. Using a purpose-built file system, Rubrik's solution features an architecture built on natively immutable backups -i.e., backups that cannot be encrypted, corrupted, or tampered with by attackers.

Automation and operational excellence

Our team is experienced and certified in Rubrik. Based on their extensive experience, they can handle projects of all scales and sizes. Building on our platform-led delivery and automation strengths, we have helped our customers achieve better efficiencies. We have developed custom scripts to test Instance from each backup policy and type to perform an isolated Restore. Once restored, automated login and validation of checkpoints are done. The restored Instance is deleted once is activity is complete

Granular recovery

The effectiveness of a Data Protection solution depends on how backups are performed as well as on the accuracy and efficacy of the solution during a disaster. Only periodic automated testings can guarantee efficiency and accuracy, and therefore we ensure that backups are tested periodically.

In a nutshell - reimagine and redefine your cybersecurity with a robust ransomware plan

Powered by Rubrik as the data management platform, LTIMINDTREE VAULT eliminates the arduous methods of traditional cyber resiliency by adopting modern techniques such as immutable backups, Ransomware Investigation and Sensitive Data Discovery.This not only prevents attacks but also in detection and recovery if required.

You can take a deep dive here to see how in partnership with Rubrik, we bring in the best-in-class solutions through our tiered approach and have the ability to engage at any stage in our customer's journey.

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Amit Motiwale

Practice Lead, Storage and Backup, LTIMindtree

Amit Motiwale is currently the practice lead for storage and backup at LTIMindtree. Amit brings almost two decades of experience in IT, especially in storage, backup, server virtualization, and cloud.

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