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10/03/2022 | News release | Distributed by Public on 10/03/2022 06:58

New RGA Nevada PAC Ad: Maureen

WASHINGTON, D.C. - RGA Nevada PAC, an affiliate of the Republican Governors Association, launched a TV ad entitled "Maureen" today, featuring Las Vegas resident Maureen Johansson talking about how Governor Steve Sisolak does not care about the devastating impact rising inflation is having on everyday Nevadans. She points to Sisolak handing out shady government contracts at the request of his campaign donors as getting in the way of doing his job effectively.

The ad is running statewide and has nearly $2.8 million behind it.


"Northshore Steve Sisolak has one priority, and it's not tackling the devastating inflation affecting every Nevada family thanks to his and Biden's policies," said RGA Spokeswoman Maddie Anderson. "As Nevadans struggle to pay more for gas, groceries, and housing, Sisolak is far too busy wheeling and dealing with his campaign donors to care."


Maureen Johansson:

I worked in the casinos for 25 years and then saved for my retirement.

But inflation is eating into my savings and forcing me to go back to work.

Steve Sisolak doesn't care about us. As we fell behind, Sisolak gave sweetheart deals to his campaign donors.

And Sisolak ran a shady telemarketing business that was accused of ripping off seniors.

Some of Sisolak's cronies even ended up in jail.

Steve Sisolak is out for himself.