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February 09, 2018 Federal Budget Deal Lengthens Six-Year CHIP Funding Extension to Ten Years

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Federal Budget Deal Lengthens Six-Year CHIP Funding Extension to Ten Years

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. - Within the federal budget deal signed into law Friday by President Donald Trump, Congress lengthened the previously approved six-year funding extension of the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) to a full 10 years. More than 340,000 children in Florida currently have CHIP-funded insurance coverage through Florida KidCare, the state's high-quality, low-cost health insurance program for kids. More than 257,000 Florida children are currently uninsured, and an estimated 147,000 of those kids qualify for free or low-cost insurance though the KidCare program.

Florida Healthy Kids Corporation CEO Rebecca Matthews said, 'I was excited about the possibilities made available by a six-year funding extension, and I am ecstatic about all that Florida Healthy Kids can accomplish with a full 10 years of funding in place. Florida KidCare enrollment is already at a three-year high, covering an astounding 63 percent of all children statewide, and we will continue working to drive that number higher in the years ahead. Through Congress' long-term commitment to children across our country, we are now able to do more to set Florida kids-our next generation of Florida leaders-up for years of success.'

The Florida Healthy Kids Corporation is a nonprofit, public-private partnership that works to expand access to comprehensive, child-centered health insurance to all Florida kids under an integrated Florida KidCare brand that includes MediKids, Medicaid, Children's Medical Services' Managed Care Plan, and Florida Healthy Kids' subsidized and full-pay plans.

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