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02/27/2024 | News release | Distributed by Public on 02/27/2024 04:15

Unlocking Growth and Connections: How Attending CompTIA CCF Helped My Career and Business

In the ever-evolving realm of the IT industry, the quest for a community that aligns with both professional and personal aspirations is akin to finding a treasure trove. The sought-after community has unfolded within the nurturing confines of the CompTIA Communities & Councils Forum (CCF)-an intimate setting that has played a transformative role in many journeys.

At its core, CCF stands out for its ability to cultivate a close-knit community of IT professionals, each contributing to the forward movement of the industry. The intimacy of the setting transcends traditional networking-it fosters genuine connections, turning participants into integral contributors to a collective effort driving innovation.

On a personal note, CCF has been a confidence booster, creating an environment that encourages sharing experiences and knowledge with others. Prior to attending my first CCF, I did not know very many people in the channel. I was one who was an observer always wanting to meet new people and share experiences but did not know how to do that on my own-cue imposter syndrome.

I set a goal for the event to meet as many people as I could and not let the fear of rejection take over. I was anxious but with the help of a friend, I was introduced to people and soon was able to participate in the conversations on my own. I learned that the CompTIA Community is an incredibly welcoming environment and one where I could be seen as myself and share my own knowledge and experiences. This experience was pivotal in my growth, and I would not be where I am today in my company without gaining this experience and newfound confidence.

But CCF is not just about acquiring insights; it is also about giving back to a community that has been instrumental in personal and professional growth. The contagious excitement and motivation derived from CCF sessions extend beyond personal development. The knowledge and inspiration gained become tools to better serve both my staff and clients. The ripple effect of continuous learning is amazing, equipping professionals to adapt and thrive in an industry that constantly demands evolution.

Giving Back, Getting Back More in Return

Participation in CCF is an active engagement that empowers individuals to shape the future of the IT landscape. The opportunity to influence the agenda and contribute to crafting resources for the community imparts a profound sense of ownership and empowerment.

For example, CompTIA Community members recently collaborated to develop an incredible resource called the CompTIA Community MSP Guidebook: Cultivating a Culture of Process Efficiency. The guidebook was created to help MSPs identify areas for improvement and then implement best practices. I was a lead on one of the chapters that was being put together for the guidebook. It was a wonderful opportunity for me to work with a few other people in the CompTIA Community and learn about the experiences and expertise that they have to offer. By working with other MSP thought leaders it gave me more to think about and ways to bring best practices back to my team at Alt-Tech and share with others who it could benefit.

For CCF attendees, the networking sessions are more than mere opportunities to exchange business cards. They are inclusive of the community, where everyone is not just welcoming but also approachable. The sense of belonging cultivated at these events fosters connections that extend beyond the event.

Come for CCF, But Return for the Community

CompTIA's influence extends beyond CCF. Many businesses-Alt-Tech included-have witnessed tangible benefits from the diverse array of resources offered. The Alt-Tech Team members have seized opportunities to gain certifications such as CompTIA IT Fundamentals (ITF+), CompTIA A+, and CompTIA Network+, thereby elevating their skill sets and contributing to collective expertise. By earning these certifications and upskilling our team, it has allowed Alt-Tech to stay at the forefront of technology trends, provide enhanced services to our clients, and maintain our position as a trusted leader in the industry.

Being a member of the CompTIA Community is not merely a journey of professional growth; it's a commitment to contributing to something larger than oneself. The pride that accompanies involvement in initiatives like CompTIA Gives Back is unparalleled. The realization that collective efforts make a positive impact adds a meaningful layer to the professional journey.

In conclusion, attending CCF and involvement with the CompTIA Community is not mere participation; it is a proud acknowledgment of being an active member of a community that nurtures growth, encourages collaboration and creates a sense of belonging. Through CompTIA, many have found more than a forum; they've found a home in the ever-expanding landscape of IT professionals working together to shape the future.

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Carrie Green is the senior vice president of operations at Alt-Tech and chair of the CompTIA MSP Interest Group.