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TRB 2021: Showcasing Jacobs Thought Leadership and Solutions

Transportation Research Board (TRB) is holding its 100th annual - and first virtual - meeting themed Launching a New Century of Mobility and Quality of Life. At Jacobs, increasing smart mobility and enhancing quality of life to create a world that's better for all is part of the work we do every day.

While this annual meeting will look different than the events of years' past when typically, thousands of visitors converge on Washington D.C., we're excited to participate in the event happening throughout January.

Developing smarter and more sustainable transportation for today and tomorrow and improving quality of life continually challenges transportation professionals to achieve important goals with limited resources. In addition, 2020 has shown us that new circumstances can arise when we least expect it and we need to be nimble, flexible and ready to find solutions to unforeseen challenges.

'Now more than ever, transportation agencies are faced with an increasingly complex network of assets and competing demands,' explains Jacobs Global Technology Leader for Performance Management and Policy Mara Campbell. 'A fully integrated management framework is key for an agency's increasing capacity to deliver effective performance, asset and risk management practices as their program evolves.'

During Lectern Session 1239, titled How to get more out of what you have…. Effective Approaches Integrating Performance, Asset and Risk Management with Transportation Agencies, Mara and a panel of experts from transportation agencies in Maryland, Utah, Minnesota, California and Oregon will discuss the five core pillars for successful integration of performance, asset and risk management within a transportation agency.

When asked why it's important to integrate performance, asset and risk management within a transportation agency, panelists say it's because of a more comprehensive decision-making process, the ability to conduct capital improvement planning with more complete data and the ability to improve system performance and resiliency.

'The biggest benefit I see is how integrating these factors helps our agency move in the same direction to use our resources to their highest and best use,' explains Minnesota Department of Transportation Director of Performance, Risk & Investment Analysis, Office of Transportation System Management, Deanna Belden.

Sharing Knowledge at TRB

Along with Mara, several Jacobs leaders will be speaking on a variety of topics that impact transportation at TRB. Jacobs' employees sharing insights through presentations, posters and more, include:

  • International Members Council-Aviation, AV000(2): Hazel Peace, presiding
  • Commuter Rail Systems Subcommittee, AP065(4), Joint Subcommittee of AP065, AR020: David Nelson, presiding
  • Rail Transit Systems Committee: TR Hickey, presiding
  • Workshop 1019 - Getting to Organizational Performance Evolution: Advancing Organizational Excellence: with Mara Campbell
  • Workshop 1027 - Safety Performance Decision Making: Advancing Research Through Implementation: Kim Kolody, presiding
  • Poster Session 1169 - Safety Performance and Analysis, Act 1: Pedestrians, Bicyclists, E-Bikes, and Couriers: Investigating Factors Affecting Pedestrian Crash Severity at High Speed Urban Arterial Roadways: A Case Study of Louisiana, Paul Kornyoh
  • Lectern Session 1239 - How to get more out of what you have…. Effective Approaches Integrating Performance, Asset, and Risk Management with Transportation Agencies
    Mara Campbell, presiding
  • Lectern Session 1321 - History of Bridge Construction: Martin Kendall, presiding
  • Lectern Session 1388 - Urban Rail Transit in a COVID-19 World: Its Present and Possible Futures: TR Hickey, presiding
  • Poster Session 1402 - Innovative Service Planning Approaches for Urban Rail Transit Systems: David Nelson, presiding
  • Lectern Session 1421 - Adapting to the Use of New Technologies in Natural Resource Data Collection and Analysis, a panel discussion
    • Introduction to New Ecology Field Data Collection and Analysis Methodologies, Jeffrey Frantz
    • Practical Application and Challenges of Using eDNA and Gaining Agency Acceptance, Peter Gilchrist
  • Poster Session 1466 - Public Transportation and Travel Behavior: Making Last-Mile Connectors Work: The Key to Adapting Regional Rail to Suburban Employment Centers, TR Hickey

If you're interested in learning more about how Jacobs is helping transportation agencies around the world prepare for the future, visit our booth at TRB 2021 or www.jacobs.com.

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