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07/24/2020 | News release | Distributed by Public on 07/24/2020 03:17

Stories of Rebirth

Storie di Rinascita (stories of rebirth) is a project organised by the Fondazione Progetto Itaca Onlus, one of the associations that collaborates with Factor J. Itacablog collects and shares the experiences of recovery and wellbeing of individuals with cases of psychic issues to help everyone to understand, accept and manage mental illness.

For the schools that have already hosted meetings with experts from the association, ItacaBlog is a further tool to understand mental illness.

Factor J, promoted by the Fondazione Mondo Digitale with Janssen Italia is the first curriculum for Italian schools that aims to education young men and women to develop emotional intelligence, respect and empathy towards individuals suffering from diseases and other serious causes. This is an important social operation to stimulate cultural change and the mentality of the new generations.

Fattore J, promosso da Fondazione Mondo Digitale con Janssen Italia, è il primo curricolo per la scuola italiana per educare i giovani a sviluppare intelligenza emotiva, rispetto ed empatia verso le persone che vivono una situazione di grave disagio o sono affette da malattie. Un'importante operazione sociale per stimolare il cambiamento culturale e di mentalità a partire dalle nuove generazioni.