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Jaywing's Data Science and Innovation Director wins Data-Driven Excellence Award at the Performance Marketing World Awards

7 June 2024 / News

Jaywing's Data Science and Innovation Director wins Data-Driven Excellence Award at the Performance Marketing World Awards

Karen Snape is crowned for Data-Driven Excellence at the PMW Awards 2024


We are delighted to announce that Karen Snape, our Data Science and Innovation Director, has been awarded the prestigious Data-Driven Excellence Award at the Performance Marketing World Awards. Karen's remarkable journey from a credit risk analyst at Jaywing to a leader in data science exemplifies her dedication, expertise, and innovative spirit.

Karen began her career at Jaywing as a credit risk analyst, where she discovered her talent for investigative analysis within the risk sector. Now as Data Science and Innovation Director, Karen delivers unbiased, comprehensive insights that drive effective performance marketing strategies within the integrated agency. Her ability to integrate complex tools and insights from various data sources has been key to her success.

Accelerating growth for Athena Home Loans

Karen's expertise was pivotal for Athena Home Loans, where she and her team helped achieve a 420% increase in organic loan applications. By defining data requirements, guiding model construction, and interpreting outputs, she unveiled hidden conversion pathways that led to strategic optimisations. Recommendations, such as investing in YouTube, boosting PPC spend, and enhancing landing pages, resulted in remarkable improvements in application submissions.

Tom Franklin, Head of Growth Marketing at Athena Home Loans, praised Karen's contributions, stating, "Karen's ability to find actionable insights from complex data sets and explain them in simple terms has been crucial. Our media strategy wouldn't be where it is today without her input."

Revolutionising customer insight in the Hair and Beauty industry

Karen also led a transformative initiative for a leader in the hair and beauty industry, analysing vast datasets to understand customer behaviours, booking trends and website interactions. Her insights led to significant strategic changes, such as increasing PPC investment and reshaping CRM strategies. The impact was profound, with a 70% surge in new customer bookings, significant boosts in annual revenue, re-bookings, and reductions in paid social cost per acquisition.

Maximising returns for Studio Retail

Studio Retail collaborated with Karen and her team to enhance marketing effectiveness and support their ambitious sales growth targets. Using econometrics, attribution modelling, and marketing analysis, their strategies resulted in a 70% increase in annual revenue without additional budget allocation. Analysis also led to significant cost efficiencies in direct mail and optimised TV efficiency in specific regions.

Tommy Stenton, a former colleague, highlighted Karen's impact, saying, "Karen showed me that data needs stories, and people to tell those stories, otherwise all our work would just be numbers. It's through narrative and that human element that we can truly bring data to life."

In addition to her professional achievements in delivering results through data, Karen dedicates her spare time as a Governor at her children's school, leveraging her skills to analyse and improve GCSE results. Her focus on careers guidance and impact assessments demonstrates her commitment to applying data insights beyond her corporate role.

Catherine Kelly, Managing Director at Jaywing adds: "Karen embodies Jaywing's brand proposition, "Stories written with numbers." Her distinctive approach of underpinning, powering and optimising creative and media with a mastery of numbers is continuously inspiring.

"Not only that, our clients adore working with Karen and invariably build trusting, valuable relationships with her. If clients weren't believers in the power of data before, they always are after working with Karen."

Karen's award is a testament to her dedication to data-driven excellence and innovation. Her work continues to propel Jaywing and our clients to new heights and we are excited to see what the future holds under her guidance as our Data Science and Innovation Director.