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04/20/2021 | News release | Distributed by Public on 04/20/2021 00:14

Financial wellness: The top 5 strategies to improve member engagement

Are you using the best strategies to generate member engagement in your financial wellness programs? We have identified five best practices for developing strategies to support member retention and growth in super funds.

  1. Leverage data, analytics and modeling to understand customer needs and wants. The first step to encouraging member engagement is to build awareness. Make sure the right information reaches members at the right time, gather data on trends to help members gauge how they're doing compared to their peers, and conduct surveys to find out if customers' needs are being met.
  2. Partner with a customer experience expert. An outside researcher or analyst can provide guidance on best practices, while a customer experience manager can bring the customer experience perspective to every activity.
  3. Build trust by being authentic. Follow through, demonstrate competence, be transparent, and be consistent.
  4. Provide easy and appealing digital self-service tools. To meet rising customer expectations, empower members to engage by delivering interactive digital experiences designed to elicit an emotional response.
  5. Engage with your community and align with causes customers care about.

People expect companies to be responsible citizens, so learn what specific things your customers care about and let them know what you stand for. Use the topics your customers care about to shape the educational programs and content you deliver to them.

To read about these strategies in more detail and learn how to put customer experience front and center, download our whitepaper, Financial wellness: The top 5 strategies to improve member engagement.

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