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First textbook for cloacal malformations offers deep dive into care and treatment - Children's National

"Within the field of pediatric colorectal and pelvic reconstruction, the most complex anatomic problem a pediatric surgeon can face is that of a cloacal malformation," writes Marc A. Levitt, M.D., chief of Colorectal and Pelvic Reconstruction at Children's National Hospital. A new, first-of-its kind textbook, Cloacal Malformations: Case Studies, seeks to shed light on the multi-disciplinary care required to care for people with this rare condition - when the urinary, gynecologic and colorectal system all exit the body via a common channel which requires reconstruction. The book will be available for pre-order on April 9, 2024.

What is it

Dr. Levitt's fifth textbook, Cloacal Malformations: Case Studies, is the first comprehensive account of all the care elements needed to successfully treat and manage care for someone with a cloacal malformation. It includes preoperative evaluation and surgical planning, the anorectal malformation (ARM) index, surgical reconstruction, urological evaluation and long-term care. Also covered are the gynecologic evaluation and needed interventions, neurological implications, bowel management and the long-term management of patients with cloacal malformations.

The book's associate editors hail from some of the subspecialties that are critical to caring for these conditions, including:

  • Tamador Al-Shamaileh, M.D., pediatric colorectal and general
  • Andrea T. Badillo, M.D., pediatric colorectal and pelvic reconstruction
  • Allison C Mayhew, M.D., pediatric gynecology
  • Teresa L. Russell, MS, colorectal and pelvic reconstruction research
  • Briony K Varda, M.D., pediatric urology
  • Richard J Wood, M.D., pediatric colorectal and pelvic reconstruction

Why it matters

This textbook is a compelling resource for all clinicians caring for patients with cloacal malformations. It includes case studies that provide insights into a variety of different clinical scenarios, the first publication to categorize the different types of cloaca, as well as full brand new colored illustrations to enable the reader to understand and gain experience from detailed descriptions.

It is the first of its kind to address the full spectrum needs of someone with a cloacal malformation and will help improve and standardize care for this complex patient population no matter where that patient lives in the world.

Children's National leads the way

Dr. Levitt is the most experienced pediatric colorectal surgeon in the world. Having performed more than 15,000 procedures during his career, he has cared for more children with cloacal malformations (1,000 cases) and other complex congenital colorectal conditions than anyone else. The information he shares in this textbook, and his previous books, is intended to enhance the care of all children with colorectal and pelvic reconstructive needs, "whether they come into our clinic or are seen by a colleague anywhere in the world," he notes.

The range of expertise involved in the creation of this textbook reflects Dr. Levitt's unique approach to pediatric colorectal and pelvic reconstruction, which includes a strongly integrated team of pediatric colorectal surgeons, urologists, gynecologists, gastroenterologists and nurses.

Pre-order a copy of the textbook.