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05/30/2024 | News release | Distributed by Public on 05/30/2024 07:37

Empowering Education: Indian River County Schools’ STEM Journey

Indian River School District in Vero Beach, FL faced the challenge of engaging students in hands-on, interactive learning. Traditional teaching methods often left students disengaged, and teachers struggled to integrate new technology into their existing curriculum. Kerri Wall, the Lead Sparkologist for Instructional Technology, took the initiative to bring more STEM equipment into classrooms.

Indian River's journey to success focused on two powerful tools:

  • Robo 3D Printers: Designed specifically for education, these printers promote an engineering mindset and unlock creativity. Students experience real-world connections by printing objects that students can hold and test, making learning tangible and engaging.
  • MyStemKits Curriculum:Bundled with Robo 3D printers, MyStemKits offers a comprehensive STEM education solution. MyStemKits includes ready-to-print designs and engineering challenges that encourage students to create their own 3D-printable objects.

Empowering All Disciplines

"The Robo and MyStemKits combo adds to our curriculum," commented Mikey Marini, Elementary School Gifted Teacher. In her class, students studied animal adaptations by printing bird beaks with connectors. "The students could actually hold them and test them," Marini related.

Valery Sommers, a High School English Teacher, discovered the magic of 3D printing. Her students chose a book, explained its importance, and designed a 3D model of a symbol from the story. Valery shared, "Last year was the most fun I've had teaching because of the 3D printer." The classroom buzzed with creativity and pride.

Engaged Students and Inspired Educators

The implementation of Robo 3D printers and MyStemKits has transformed Indian River County schools. Students are more engaged, showcasing their printed creations with pride. Teachers, like Valery Sommers, find joy in teaching. The journey continues, inspiring educators to embrace technology and ignite curiosity in every student.

Find their success story and video here: Indian River County Schools

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