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Effects of strikes by JHL, Super and Tehy on early childhood education and care and school meals 13.–14.2.2024


Effects of strikes by JHL, Super and Tehy on early childhood education and care and school meals 13.-14.2.2024

In Jyväskylä, the strike will affect all early childhood education units in the public and private sectors, as well as municipal food services, and in Jyväskylä, the operations of the entire Kylän Kattaus regarding JHL ry members.

In the municipal sector, political industrial action has been announced against the changes in working life planned by the Finnish government. The Trade Union for Social, Health and Education Tehy ry, the Finnish Association of Practical and Basic Nurses SuPer ry and the Union for the Public and Welfare Sectors JHL have announced a political strike starting on Tuesday 13.2.2024 at 00.01 and ending on Wednesday 14.2.2024 at 23.59.

Only some daycare centres are open on strike days

All families with early childhood education clients are requested to notify us by 12 noon on Monday 12.2. whether their child needs early childhood education and care on strike days. The child's need for early childhood education is reported in the Edlevo system or directly to the child's own group.

Families will be reimbursed the client fee if the child's care is arranged between 13.-14.2. and the absence has been notified in advance.

Preschool education will not be organised between 13.-14.2.2024. In Jyväskylä, pre-primary education is organised in excess of the statutory 700 hours of teaching. Thus, the statutory obligation to pre-primary education is fulfilled.

On strike days, early childhood education and care will be provided in daycare centres in Tapiola (open 24/7), Kukkumäki, Pohjanlampi, Kotimäki, Kangasvuori, Liinalampi, Luhtinen and Korpilahti.

In addition, regionally open are:

  • City centre: Cygnaeus, Kortepohja and Puistokatu daycare centres
  • Kuokkala: Taikalampu, Nenäinniemi and Väinölä daycare centres
  • Southern: Keljonkangas, Kauramäki, Säynätsalo, Keltinmäki and Vesanga daycare centres
  • Eastern: Wessmanni, Punapaula, Halssila and Huhtasuo daycare centres
  • North: Savulahti, Lohikoski temporary daycare centres, Haukkamäki, Puuppola, Mannila and Pappilanvuori daycare centres

The opening hours of the above daycare centres are based on care time reservations notified in advance by the guardians. If daycare centres are closed, guardians will be informed of the reserve daycare centre for a child in need of care on strike days.

The Siilinmaja group has been excluded from the industrial action. The Siilinmaja group operates normally.

Changes also to food services in daycare centres and schools

The strike will also cause changes to school meals and food services in daycare centres. Kylän Kattaus is not able to provide catering services in full. The aim is to provide daycare centres with bread, spread, drink and fruit, as well as Piltti meals for small children. Guardians can supplement the picnic meal with products brought from home that can be stored at room temperature.

There will also be no normal school meals or snack options on strike days. In schools, bread and fruit are provided for pupils. Students have the opportunity to bring snacks to school if they wish. Despite preparedness, meals with special diets cannot be guaranteed on strike days at daycare centres and schools.

The effects of the strike days on the services of the City of Jyväskylä can be read on the City of Jyväskylä's Labour Action website.

Further information:
Tuija Sinisalo, Director of Public Utilities, Kylän Kattaus, tel. 050 517 1829 Tarja Ahlqvist, Service Director, early childhood education services, tel. 040 516 7269 Service Director Päivi Koivisto, Shared Services, tel. 040 747 9723 Service Director Sami Lahti, Basic Education Services, tel. 050 325 8578 HR Director Arja Aroheinä, City of Jyväskylä, tel. 040 7618760