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09/12/2019 | News release | Distributed by Public on 09/12/2019 08:22

Indie Spotlight: Fall 2019

Fall's Indie spotlight gets off to a running start with Fitness, an eclectic duo with years of musical experience informing their unique sound. We continue with Goth Babe, who makes music at home (otherwise known as the camper attached to his truck), and Fences, who left the clouds of Seattle for the sun of LA, finding inspiration and opportunity along the way. Next up, we focus on Kid Karma, a group whose yearning for peaceful coexistence sparks an awareness of our world in the age of technology, and X Lovers, two California guys who are turning their 'sad boy energy' into mood-setting pop music. The bands Betcha and Vista Kicks follow, with each quartet possessing a unique sound and relentless hustle that will make you love what they're doing. Rounding out this edition is Low Hum, a LA transplant from Hawaii doing things his own way, and Zsela, a bluesy R&B ingenue with a vision all her own. As the summer heat cools down, these artists will keep you warm all through the fall.