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01/14/2020 | Press release | Archived content

Lunenburg Complex Reduces Its Carbon Footprint

TriTown Landing Apartments Receives $413,000 Energy Efficiency Rebate
January 14, 2020
Lunenburg, MA

Unitil, (, a provider of natural gas and electricity to customers in New England, helped residents of a Lunenburg apartment complex reduce their energy usage through electric efficiency improvements.

The four buildings, with 131 apartments on TriTown Drive, had over 2,000 lighting fixtures upgraded to LED lighting. The project also included the installation of 134 new refrigerators. Together, the improvements result in an annual savings of approximately 271,000 kWh, or the equivalent to what 37 homes would use annually combined. Low-flow faucet aerators and showerheads were also installed. These water-saving devices conserve water and reduce water heating costs.

'The whole project went great. Even though the building is only 10-years old, the initial planning and design pre-dated the availability of many cost effective LED light fixtures that are so common today,' said Bill Caselden from Great Bridge Properties, which manages the TriTown Landing Apartments. 'With upgraded lighting and appliances, residents are saving on their electric bills and enjoying an improved living environment,'

The project qualified for a $413,000 Mass Save energy efficiency rebate, 100 percent of the cost, because the complex provides affordable rental housing to moderate-income renters in the region.

We are thrilled that another housing development has been able to take advantage of these energy efficiency program. Not only do they help save on energy costs, but they often help improve the quality of life for residents. It is a true win-win for all involved.

Media Relations Manager, Alec O'Meara