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12/13/2023 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 12/14/2023 07:03

First Returning China-Vietnam Train Arrives at Shijiazhuang International Land Port in Hebei

Published:2023-12-13【字体:大 中 小】

On the morning of December 5, the inaugural return journey of the China-Vietnamese Railway freight train arrived at Shijiazhuang International Land Port in Hebei Province. Organized collaboratively by Vietnam Railways Transport and Trade Limited Companyand Shijiazhuang International Land Port, the train departed from Hanoi ??ng Anh Railway Station on November 30, carrying 35 containers, approximately 800 tons of Vietnamese products, including wood and cassava starch. After a 5-day transit, it reached Shijiazhuang International Land Port. Compared to traditional maritime routes, this freight train shortens the transit time by half. The photo shows the train entering the platform at Shijiazhuang International Land Port.

  Photo and report by Meng Xianglin and Wang Hailin, Xinhua News Agency.

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