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TADEX, Tanah Air Digital Exchange for I

TADEX, Tanah Air Digital Exchange for Indonesia's Digital Sovereignty
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President Director of Telkomsel Hendri Mulya Syam (far left), President Director of Telkom Indonesia Ririek Ardiansyah, Minister of State-Owned Enterprises Erick Thohir, Chairman of the Press Council Mohammad Nuh, President Commissioner of Telkomsel Wishnutama Kusubandio, and Chairman of the Chief Editor Forum Kemal Effendi Gani (far right) attended the launch of TADEX (Tanah Air Digital Exchange) via video conference in Jakarta, Tuesday (29/06).

Jakarta, 29 June 2021- PT Telkom Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (Telkom) continues to strengthen its role as a leading provider of digital technology and services through its three digital business pillars, namely digital connectivity, digital platform, and digital services. Most recently, TelkomGroup supported the Press Council and the national press industry to implement the latest technological innovations for the media industry, notably advertising, by launching a digital service called TADEX (Tanah Air Digital Exchange). It is the largest premium programmatic advertising in Indonesia. It serves as a solution for Indonesian advertising industry players, namely publishers, advertisers and other related parties. TADEX is the result of a collaboration between two TelkomGroup subsidiaries, Telkomsel and Metranet, with the Press Council, Media Sustainability Task Force and the Advertising Association.

President of the Republic of Indonesia Joko Widodo said in the virtual launch of TADEX, 'I welcome the collaboration between the Press Council, Media Sustainability Task Force, and TelkomGroup, which generates technological innovations for the media industry, especially advertising by launching TADEX. We must support this homegrown innovation and make the best use of it to encourage an inclusive digital ecosystem, build innovative and transparent digital advertising, while still upholding the quality of message delivery to the public. I believe TADEX will provide fresh air because it offers a sustainable digital advertising business model, opening up many new opportunities that are beneficial for advertisers, publishers, marketers, and other stakeholders. TADEX's arrival serves as an important moment to create new leaps, create a better digital ecosystem, and make Indonesia as the largest digital economy power in Southeast Asia.'

Minister of State-Owned Enterprises of the Republic of Indonesia, Erick Thohir said during the same occasion, 'We must all be optimistic and confident, despite the weakening consumption and economic challenges, the need for advertising will not diminish. There will of course be a shift in the needs of an advertising platform by digitalization. This is collaboration between state-owned company TelkomGroup with media personnel and of course the Press Council. We hope that this collaboration could be a balancing force and of course we must maintain its sustainability. This is a historic moment for the digital advertising ecosystem. This platform is the first premium programmatic publisher by our own developers that is no less superior to other global advertising platforms, though TADEX originates from Indonesia and for Indonesia.'

Press Council chairman, Mohammad Nuh said, 'We have been waiting to have TADEX for a long time, this collaboration between this nation's developers proves that synergy turns impossibility into possibility. TADEX will raise our concern about data, given data is a very extraordinary asset and we must manage it well on our own. Thus, our extraordinary wealth will remain here and we will be able to make the best use of it for the nation's progress.'

Telkom President Director, Ririek Adriansyah said, 'as a leading telecommunications company, Telkom has committed itself to support various ecosystems through optimizing digital technology, such as MSMEs, education, agriculture to tourism. In line with our current transformation to become a digital telco, TADEX is a manifestation of Telkom's active role in building and advancing the national advertising scene. Hopefully by having TADEX as a nationally-developed product, it could support the Indonesian advertising industry that originates from, by and for the national industry players, and ultimately manifests in Indonesia's digital sovereignty'.

As a premium programmatic advertising service, TADEX has three excellent features. First, TADEX is connected to TelkomGroup's big data analytics system, so that the advertisements display will be more effective and on target according to the target segment that users or advertisers desire. Second, TADEX offers various categories of digital advertising distribution media, from SMS, MMS, applications, to websites of trusted publishers. With these diverse media channels, you can reach as many customers or ad recipients as possible. Third, TADEX allows users to personalize ads extensively to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of advertising, as well as run programmatic ads through trusted publishers. This makes advertising more targeted and in accordance with the users or advertisers' needs.

Telkomsel President Director, Hendri Mulya Syam said, 'Telkomsel as a leading digital telco company tries to open access and make the most of digital potential in various industry sectors by consistently continuing the company's business transformation, which remains the basis to present Telkomsel products and services as the best choice for consumers to fulfill the society's digital lifestyle. We manifest this by presenting TADEX digital advertising service in collaboration with Telkomsel and Metranet, which TelkomGroup initiated to help media and advertising industry players in Indonesia to continuously grow and develop through digital solutions that suit the industry's needs and developments.'

TADEX development was based on four benchmarks, namely scalability, impact, quality, and data. TADEX has extensive scalability that can provide a wide variety of inventory, which allows wide broadcast of advertising content throughout the country. Furthermore, in terms of impact, TADEX can provide services in accordance with users' needs, with its wide selection of channels and ad formats, so that the advertisements displayed run effectively, widely and on target.

As for the quality, TADEX can help its users to connect with the right segments, so that they can get the best of their advertising campaigns, in terms of traffic, placements, and show time. Finally, regarding data, which is TADEX's main priority because it concerns TelkomGroup's big data analytics, we guarantee the customer data security. At the same time, TADEX can provide comprehensive and targeted insights, so that advertisers can broadcast their ads conveniently knowing they are for the intended target.

Based on all these advantages, TADEX will become the largest premium programmatic advertising platform for the digital media ecosystem in Indonesia. Brand owners (Media Agency) can find service solutions related to digital advertising strategies through various quality inventories that are owned by media publishers verified by the Press Council. TADEX also has the capability to reach more target audiences throughout Indonesia through the Telkomsel and TelkomGroup's targeted big data analytics ecosystem that is securely protected. TADEX is expected to be a solution to create a healthy digital advertising scheme, so that it can contribute to forming a sustainable and friendly national press ecosystem for readers, especially in terms of their experience to consume the publishers' content.

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