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Accident to the FK9 identified 974PQ on 06/08/2022 at Saint-Paul

Accident to the FK9 identified 974PQ on 06/08/2022 at Saint-Paul

Loss of control on final during a simulated engine failure exercise, collision with ground, in instruction

Responsible entity

France - BEA

Investigation progression Closed
Progress: 100%

Control was lost of a microlight during manoeuvres on final approach when the pilot was in instruction. One of the training objectives of this instruction session was to carry out an "S" approach with the engine in idle.

The presence of a tailwind component when the pilot was carrying out this exercise may have prompted him to make tighter turns. Just before the loss of control, the microlight was at a low height, close to the runway threshold and offset to its RH side. This seems to indicate that they were in a situation where the exercise could no longer be safely carried out to its conclusion. The investigation was not able to explain the reasons why the instructor did not bring the exercise to a - 9 - stop earlier. It is, however, possible, that as the back rest of the instructor's seat was not locked, this could have prevented him from effectively taking the controls (or interfered with the pilot's actions).

The company manager had informed the instructor of the absence of the left seat locking bar and had put 974PQ in a hanger locked by key. However, the instructor minimised the risks associated with the seat not being locked and decided to carry out a flight on this microlight in order not to disturb people sat at a table in front of the club hangar and blocking the access to the other two FK9.

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General information
Local date 06/08/2022
Responsible entity France - BEA
State or area of occurrence France - 974 Réunion
Location Saint-Paul
Human consequences Fatal
Number of death 1
Number of serious injuries 1
Aircraft consequences Destroyed
Occurrence class Accident
Occurence category LOC-I: Loss of control - inflight, WSTRW: Windshear or thunderstorm., OTHR: Other
File number BEA2022-0381
Flight Information
Aircraft category Microlight - Microlight-Class 3-Fixed wing
Operator France (Papangue ULM)
Aircraft Registration 974PQ
State of registry France
Last departure point Reunion (French) - FMEE (RUN): La Réunion-Roland Garros
Planned destination Reunion (French) - Other (P-F ULM Cambai)
Flight phase Approach
Serial number 09-06-006
Operator Type AG Flying club/school
Operation Type Non-Commercial Operations - Flight Training/Instructional - Dual

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