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06/18/2019 | News release | Distributed by Public on 06/18/2019 14:47

Patrick Reed inspired during Insperity Invitational/AJGA Junior Championship

The moment stays with him to this day. And that's part of the reason he wanted to be at The Woodlands, his home course, on Monday.

'It meant a lot because all of these, all these juniors and kids, their goal -- I probably (should not) say all of them, but I'm pretty sure almost all of them -- their goal is to play college golf and to play professional golf,' Reed said. 'And to be able to meet an actual player who is either on the PGA TOUR, LPGA Tour and to realize that they're normal people, we're all just normal people, but when the camera's on you and you're out there playing for and trying to provide for your family and make a living out of it, they see you as a robot and just kind of like zoned in and doing what you're doing.

'They don't get to actually see who you really are. … But once you actually get to meet them off of their job, they're like, oh, they're just normal people. We can enjoy, have fun with them. There's a lot in common. We could talk. I mean, we could do whatever. And that's something that I think was big whenever I met a PGA TOUR player and I hope a lot of these kids realize the same.'

Reed was completely at ease as he emceed the clinic, charming the teenagers with stories about why he doesn't drink coffee (his hands got shaky putting one morning after having a rare cup of joe), his favorite meal (a tomahawk ribeye) and how he prefers a fountain Coca-Cola rather than one out of a can.

Asked about the five most unusual places the 2018 Masters champion had worn his green jacket, he mentioned forgetting to take if off and going into a Chick-Fil-A after visiting his daughter's school, as well as donning it at his hometown Houston Rockets and Astros games and at Madison Square Garden.

But even this light-hearted banter had a message.

'I didn't wear it all the time,' Reed said. 'I had it with me all the time, but I used as kind of a motivational piece. Always had it hung every time so when I woke up, I could see it. Every time I got ready, I could see it. Every time I got home, I could see it.

'I used it as a stepping stone rather than as an oh-I-did-it. I said with all the hard work that we've done, this is what we can do. So instead of settling, as some guys have done after they won the big one, they settle, I was like I'm going to use this and work hard to get back there again and win it again.

'So, for me it was more motivation, a stepping stone rather than as a trophy.'