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08/04/2020 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 08/04/2020 16:47

Thick As Thieves – Trump and House GOP Swamp All In And “Joining The Fight” For Their Central Valley Crony David Valadao

Corrupt Career Politicians Devin Nunes, Kevin McCarthy and Donald Trump are Valadao's Biggest Campaign Cheer Leaders, NOW They're Running Ads Highlighting His Support for the Trump Agenda

VIDEO - Valadao's Trump Endorsement : 'He's been successful all his life and he's running for the 21st Congressional district, David Valadao. He is an incredible guy […] we really need him badly in Washington.'

Decade-long political pals David Valadao, Devin Nunes and Kevin McCarthy have pushed Trump's agenda for years on California's Central Valley voters. Now they and Donald Trump are all in on getting their Central Valley crony and GOP Congressional candidate David Valadao back to Congress, even running ads reminding voters his loyalty for the Trump Agenda.

It is this same Trump Agenda that David Valadao loyally voted with 99% of the time, including voting to gut protections for preexisting conditions, create an 'age tax' where insurance companies could charge older people five times more and working to eliminate health coverage for more than 60,000 people in CA-21. All the while Valadao was taking hundreds of thousands in RX drug industry money to then go on and vote to give them a massive tax break.

When Valadao isn't working for Trump and against the Valley, he's being repeatedly sued for failing to pay over 10 million in debts. When Valadao's very-own employees sued him for not paying them a minimum wage and overtime pay, Valadao's dairy refused to pay the settlement, walking out on the same settlement he had just agreed upon in Court. Instead, Valadao's business failed to pay their taxes and filed for bankruptcy so Valadao wouldn't be responsible for the $13 million his businesses owed.

Statement from DCCC Spokesperson Andy Orellana:

'It's abundantly clear that when Valadao isn't in DC working for Trump and against the Central Valley, he's living up to his most corrupt tendencies back home and stiffing the working families of the Central Valley.'