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Samsung Electro-Mechanics Presents the Future of Electronic Components in Busan through ‘SCC’

Press Release2024.05.09

Samsung Electro-Mechanics Presents the Future of Electronic Components in Busan through 'SCC'

▶ A large-scale event for 250+ international customers- Strategic product exhibitions, technical seminars, and product production line introduction- Sharing of mid- to long-term vision, strengthening of trust and strategic partnerships
▶ First held in 2004, 20th anniversary event this year- Started with 30 attendees from 13 companies, mainly sales partners- Over the 20 years, the event has grown 11 times in size, 8 times in the number of customers attending, and 10 times in revenue- Expanded from initially IT-oriented to automotive and industry-oriented customers
▶ "We will become a partner for customer success in growing markets such as AI and automotive," said CEO Chang Duckhyun

Samsung Electro-Mechanics held the "2024 SEMCO Component College (SCC)" for three days from May 8 to 10, inviting overseas automotive and IT customers to Busan.

*SEMCO: Samsung Electro-Mechanics Co., Ltd.

The "2024 SEMCO Component College" is an event to invite overseas customers of MLCC and electronic components to Korea to introduce major products and technologies, improve customer understanding through tours of production facilities, and strengthen mutual trust and partnership.

Samsung Electro-Mechanics invites overseas customers to Busan, where its MLCC core manufacturing site is located, every year for a large-scale event.

At this event, Samsung Electro-Mechanics shared its mid- to long-term vision for the automotive and AI markets, which are key growth drivers, introduced its product roadmap and proposed customized solutions. The company also unveiled its MLCC manufacturing production line to enable customers to better understand its products and witness its technical skills.

The SCC event was first held in 2004 with 13 sales partner customers and 30 attendees to enhance product knowledge. From 2009, the company began inviting customers from major accounts such as IT, and this year marked its 20th anniversary, with participation of more than 250 customers from 150 companies.

In particular, the fields of business of the participating customers have changed significantly over the past 20 years. Initially, IT accounts such as mobile phones and digital cameras participated, but in recent years, participants have expanded to include automotive and industrial accounts such as autonomous driving, electric vehicles, servers, and AI. This year, the proportion of industrial/automotive companies among the total number of participating companies and people increased to 50%.

In his welcome speech, Samsung Electro-Mechanics CEO Chang Duckhyun said, "The growth of Samsung Electro-Mechanics over the past 20 years is thanks to the customers standing right here in front of us." "We will provide future solutions to our customers through continuous technological innovation and new product launches," he added. He went on to say, "We are committed to being the best partner to help our customers succeed in growing markets such as AI and automotive."

In addition to the SCC event, Samsung Electro-Mechanics is holding various events such as the domestic automotive customer invitation event (SAT) and webinars for customers to deepen customer understanding and build trust.

Samsung Electro-Mechanics is preparing for a transition to future growth markets by reorganizing itself in line with trends in the electronics industry. Samsung Electro-Mechanics plans to focus on growth businesses such as AI and automotive based on the technology it has acquired in the IT field.