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08/22/2023 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 08/22/2023 13:33

Expeditions fait son apparition avec un premier trailer d’annonce

Focus Entertainment and Saber Interactive partner once again to bring a new game in the MudRunner franchise. After gathering more than 15M players with MudRunner and SnowRunner, the studio returns with Expeditions: A MudRunner Game, a new entry in the series that will push the boundaries of the franchise's iconic off road experiences.

With Expeditions, players will recognize elements that define the MudRunner experience - untamed lands, difficult terrains, and unprecedented vehicle-driving physics - while pushing the formula even further. As shown in today's reveal trailer, Expeditions is a real call to adventure, where players will utilize newly gadget-packed vehicles and an expert crew to explore uncharted gorgeous landscapes and discover breathtaking landmarks.

"Once again, we are delighted to be working with Saber, our long-term partners with whom we created and brought players MudRunner and SnowRunner," says John Bert, Managing Director at Focus Entertainment. "We are excited to reveal this new entry from this successful franchise to the gamers, benefiting from all the experience Saber's team have gathered along the years of hard work and the expertise of Focus to leverage it into a critical success."

"Saber Interactive is pushing the boundaries of the MudRunner experience, crafting a new adventure that merges the franchise's iconic terrain challenges with innovative high-tech gadgetry. It's not just about conquering your environment; it's about exploration, innovation, and venturing into the unknown," said Tim Willits, Saber COO. "We are deeply committed to staying true to what makes MudRunner special while continually expanding and enriching the gameplay. Whether you are a veteran of the muddy trails or a curious newcomer ready to take on the wild, this latest entry in the MudRunner franchise promises to be an unparalleled experience."