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05/05/2023 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 05/05/2023 06:39

Banca Transilvania supports AIM HIGHER ROMANIA, a series of premiere events in Romania on Space, Technology and Innovation

NASA and international astronauts are coming to Romania in June to talk about space, technology and innovation and Romania's role in the Artemis Agreements, which cover common principles, guidelines and best practices for lunar exploration.

Space for a Better World - a Florida-based non-profit foundation whose mission is to inspire and educate people of all ages about space exploration and OP Global Events - also an American company specialized in organizing high-class international events - are organizing AIM HIGHER ROMANIA, where Banca Transilvania is a Platinum Partner, from June 11-14 in Bucharest.

AIM HIGHER ROMANIA will include the following premiere events for Romania: Space Day Romania, B2B Space & Tech Innovation Summit and AIM HIGHER Gala.

Astronauts participating in AIM HIGHER ROMANIA:

  • Nicole StottNASA Astronaut, Aquanaut & Artist, with 104 days in space and the tenth woman in the world to go into space, and founder of the Space for Art Foundation;
  • Dumitru Prunariu, Romanian cosmonaut, the first and only Romanian to reach space;
  • Sara Sabry, Africa's first and only astronaut. She flew into space in 2021 with Blue Origin;
  • Peggy Whitson (virtual), NASA and Axiom astronaut - the most days spent in space of all NASA astronauts;
  • Dr. Soyeon Yi (virtual) South Korea's first and only astronaut specialising in biotechnology.

Details about AIM HIGHER ROMANIA events:

  • Space Day Romania, 11 June: public event for all ages, hosted by the Polytechnic University of Bucharest;
  • B2B Space & Tech Innovation Summit, 13 June: event dedicated to discussing aerospace business, entrepreneurship, artificial intelligence, investment opportunities, diversity and inclusion in aerospace and technology;
  • AIM HIGHER Gala, 14 June.

AIM HIGHER ROMANIA events are organized by Christina Korp - Purpose Entertainment and founder of SPACE for a Better World and Oana Tucker - founder of OP Global Events.

"Romania, for many reasons, has always been on my list of places to visit. Having witnessed the beauty of this country only from space, I am excited to get to know it up close, having the opportunity for the first time to experience the culture and meet the people. I look forward to sharing my impressions of the wonder of space exploration with Romanians in the hope of inspiring them to both explore beyond our planet and to help develop new technologies to bring to life an exploration that ultimately benefits our planet and all life we share it with" - Nicole Stott, NASA Astronaut.

"Space science is essential for Earth observation and climate research, including crop monitoring and food supply, among many other important initiatives. We need all the skills in Space, not just engineers, scientists and astronauts. As we venture back to the Moon through the Artemis missions, we will need everyone. Every job we need on Earth will be needed in Space. Romania has a unique opportunity to lead the way in this area" - Christina Korp, former manager of astronaut Buzz Aldrin and founder of Purpose Entertainment and Space for a Better World.

"Romania has developed a lot and has become known for software development and now for artificial intelligence. Through this event we want to inspire Romanians and Space is a great topic to do this. I'm excited to help bring this inspiration to my home country. I want to showcase our beautiful country and its amazing people who bring value to Romania everyday" - Oana Tucker, CEO and Founder of OP Global Events.

"It is with joy and pride that we support this special event, which I am sure will inspire Romanians in a way that nothing has done before. We will have the opportunity to have in Romania, for a few days, people who have reached Space and from whom we can learn what courage, dedication, curiosity, education, perseverance really mean and that anything is possible when you believe in Dream Big" - Ӧmer Tetik, General Manager, Banca Transilvania.