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Gold mirrors, Greek philosophers and opera at this year's doctoral ceremony

This year's doctoral degree conferment ceremony was celebrated in the Gothenburg Concert Hall with fanfares, songs and beautiful speeches. In attendance were doctors of technology and philosophy, honorary doctors, this year's Chalmers Medallist, this year's research supervisor and many proud relatives.

Since 1940, the Chalmers Doctoral Conferral Ceremony has awarded doctoral degrees and recognised other academic achievements. This year, two honorary doctorates and 129 doctors of technology or philosophy were conferred. Rector Martin Nilsson Jacobi welcomed the doctoral students to a community with roots in the Greek philosophers:
- Your work is both ancient and groundbreaking. Whether you stay in academia or go elsewhere, you will make a significant difference.

This year's promotrix, Mary Sheeran, Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, began with a short lecture on Domain Specific Languages before the presentation of the academic insignia. During the subsequent banquet, she asked the PhD students:
- We want you all to stay in touch and continue to help us strengthen the Chalmers community. Because Chalmers is also a community of research, teaching and practice. And if we develop that community in the right way, we will be even better at making a real, lasting and positive difference in the world." (pdf of her speech)

This year's honorary doctorates are Gilles Barthes, founder of the Max Planck Institute for Security and Privacy, Germany and Research Professor at the IMDEA Software Institute, Madrid and Helene Byrne, Professor of Applied Mathematics at The Wolfson Centre for Mathematical Biology at the University of Oxford.
Barthes has revolutionised research on cryptography. He has developed internationally recognised frameworks for computer-aided design and automatic verification of cryptographic systems. Byrne is honoured for important contributions in mathematics and the successful collaborations that bridged the gap between theory and application and set a new standard in mathematical tumour modelling. link to the word honorary doctorates

Under the title "A light talk on the matter of light and matter", this year's doctor promota, Adriana Canales Ramos, a recent PhD in physics, took us on a semi-philosophical look at water droplets, gold flakes and their importance in research on polarisations (quasiparticles created in strong and ultrafast interactions between light and matter).
linked to the name Adriana

During the afternoon, the honourable Chalmers Medal and the Research Supervisor of the Year were also awarded. The Chalmers Medal was awarded to Pam Fredman for her ability, commitment and drive to lead the transformation of the Chalmers and GU joint Gothenburg Centre for Sustainable Development (GMV) into the West Sweden Nexus for Sustainable Development (Wexsus). link to name

This year's research supervisor was Ida-Maja Hassellöv who has shown the value of good supervision. The citation mentions, among other things, her commitment to creating an environment where questions and problems are always open for discussion and where students are encouraged and supported to strive for excellence in their individual interests and career goals.

The Master of Ceremonies was Catrin Lindberg who welcomed and guided the guests. The President of the Student Union, Isabelle Jarl, spoke and William Chalmers, portrayed by Philip Wramsby, entertained the guests.

A colourful Rickard Söderberg provided high class entertainment together with the Chalmers Orchestra conducted by Anders Ottosson. The Chalmers Choir offered more musical entertainment. A special mention to Bolennart Lindberg, who played the bagpipes and Ulrik Höglund on the flugelhorn.

The day ended with a banquet in the student union restaurant on campus Johanneberg with dinner, entertainment and several speeches.


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