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10/27/2023 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 10/27/2023 06:06

Clemessy to build the ELM-Diamant operational command & control (OCC) bench for CNES, in Kourou

The purpose of an Operational Command and Control (OCC) system is to monitor, command and control electrical, mechanicaland fluid processes in real time, both on the ground and on the launch vehicle (onboard). The OCC is used to manage the final timeline and the synchronizedsequence, the last stage in the handoverto the launcher, so that it can carry out its launch sequence and mission.

Our experts will be working withCNES at their request, to define the control bench for Callisto, the demonstrator for the future reusable European launcher. In addition to the Human-Machine Interface (HMI), they will be in charge of the servers comprising all the intelligence, the vehicle communication systemsand the launcher's power supply, as well as some input-output data: filling valves, draining, pressure controls, etc.

"In the past, Clemessyhas already deployed a whole range of control benches at various CNES sites and for different types of launcher. The new OCC deployed for Callisto is in line with the ongoing projects carried out with CNES, and in particular,theproduction of the Ariane 6 OCC, which uses the same software and hardware basesas Callisto", explained project manager Joël Wälti.

The OCC is a modular system that recovers and stores all the data for post-launch analysis and takes part in the 'revalidation' of ground resources after each launch, so that they are operational for subsequentlaunches.

"What we are going to develop for the Callisto specimen is intended to be used on future launchers, which will be capable of defining their own operating mode, thanks to our functional bricks. By implementing or deletingcertain functions, we will be able to adapt the system to meet the specific needs of each launcher," added technical manager Alexandre Houglet.

The OCC developed by our experts is modular and scalable, savingtime for CNES operators. It also helps to ensure the safety of people and property, by monitoringall processes and ensuring that any problems detected are immediatelycorrected.