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07/02/2024 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 07/01/2024 20:00

GBJA and KBJB Low Profile Packages for Bridge Rectifiers

Introducing PANJIT's latest bridge rectifier packaging: the low-profile GBJA and KBJB packages. In the ever-evolving world of electronic components, where space efficiency is increasingly in demand, our new low-profile packages offer excellent solutions. When integrated into the PCB, the GBJA can reduce the total height by 34% compared to the GBJ, and the KBJB can reduce it by 36% compared to the KBJ package. This substantial reduction in body height makes them ideal for applications where space is at a premium, responding to the increasing demand for compact and efficient power solutions.

Key Features

Low Body Profile Design: The GBJA and KBJB packages are compact, significantly reducing height without changing pitch angles and body width. When incorporated into the PCB, the GBJA offers a 34% reduction in total height compared to the GBJ, while the KBJB achieves a 36% reduction compared to the KBJ package, offering excellent solutions for space-constrained designs.

Design Compatibility: By keeping the pitch angles and body width the same while just shortening the body height, the new packages remain compatible with the original ones, giving designers the flexibility to either maintain the original PCB layout or shrink the overall design size, including the heatsink. This adaptability ensures easy integration into existing designs and optimizes space utilization for various requirements, while also avoiding the risk of quality issues associated with traditional lead-bending methods to fit the design.

Target Applications

Our GBJA and KBJB series are ideal for high-demand applications where compact power solutions are crucial:

Slim Power Adapters: Perfect for creating thinner, more portable power adapters.
Power Supplies for Gaming Consoles: Meet the needs of powerful gaming consoles with sleek, modern designs.
TV Power Supplies: Ideal for TVs, offering unobtrusive and efficient power solutions.

By adopting the GBJA and KBJB series, manufacturers can create compact, efficient power supplies that meet the growing consumer demand for smaller, portable devices such slim TVs or other modern electronic devices.


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