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01/13/2022 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 01/13/2022 07:29

Fashion Wholesaling: Dead or Alive?

For some time now, retailers have been pondering the future of fashion wholesaling.

Is it dead? Alive? On life support?

In reality, the answer is far more complex than a simple yes or no.

K3 interviewed several industry veterans to determine an answer to this burgeoning question…

And this is what we discovered:

Fashion wholesaling, in the conventional sense, is undergoing a metamorphosis. As a business model, it is transitioning into a leaner and more dynamic version of its former self.

Retailers are now quickly scrambling to adapt - but they must be careful not to stumble into the many pitfalls that await them.

Fortunately, our latest whitepaper deep dives into the options retailers have and it even features expert insight from K3's own Rik Veltman.

"One of the biggest challenges to overcome is to let go of the traditional way organisations have been set up," said Rik. "In many cases, there is a split somewhere in the organisation.

"Whether it is between on and offline channels or retail, wholesale, and online stock… the separation is the hardest to let go of."

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