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11/19/2023 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 11/19/2023 04:49

Announcement of TUI Public Service and Allied XIV International Congress

The Trade Union International (TUI) of Public Service and Allied workers (TUI PS&A) is convening its XIV International Congress in Bogota, Colombia on the 21st - 23rd November 2023 and calls all WFTU affiliated and friendly unions of the public service and allied to take part of this opportunity by joining the discussions and helping in finding long lasting solutions to the challenges facing them as public servants, the entire workers under the banner of the class-oriented trade union, the World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU) even those who are outside the fold and the working class in general.

Critical to the discussions of the congress, are the following issues:

  1. Plight of Public Service and allied workers and the International Working Class Solidarity it pledges to take as campaigns.
  2. To adopt its perspective on imperialism to inform its ideological and political response.
  • To analysis the state outlook of the World Public Service in order to reposition itself in the broader struggles of developing a caring Public Service capable to serve its people particularly the working class and the poor.
  1. To adopt its Strategic Perspective and Priorities as a response to challenges facing the sector and workers in the sector as a necessary instrument to give life to its organisational capacity to ensure its presence in all corners of the world and building its capacity to represent the actual aspirations and interests of its members and also to position itself in order to venture into the broader revolution of the working class. This strategic perspective and priorities clarifies its organisational strategy and tactics as its way in the next five year.
  2. To strengthen its International Working Class Solidarity particularly with the people of Cuba, Palestine, Western Sahara, etc. and work selflessly and tirelessly with all affiliates in different countries particularly those who are in need of support.

Indeed, TUI is meeting in its international congress at the time where workers are faced miseries, pains and suffocations as a result of Neoliberal policies of austerity by governments, onslaughts by employers undermining collective bargaining, eroding workers rights, poor pay and privatising public service. These government policies, employers and imperialists are placing profit over people and subjecting those who are at the point of service - workers - to worse conditions and poverty never experienced before.

The XIV International Congress of the Trade Unions of Workers in Public Service and Allied is a platform to analyse the situation the public sector workers all over the world are facing and also to define actions towards the organization and their unified action.

International congress documentation is on our website: