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05/21/2024 | Press release | Archived content

Dynatrace SaaS release notes version 1.292

Rollout start: May 21, 2024


Metrics on Grail

Platform | Grail

Metrics on Grail is now in General availability. Metrics on Grail uses DQL to query metrics with the timeseries DQL command, allowing you to use metrics in conjunction will all the data in Grail, including logs and entities.

Metrics will continue to be written to both Classic and Grail storage to facilitate the transition from Metrics Classic to Dashboards and Notebooks.

The Metrics powered by Grail product category is introduced as part of the General Availability and available to DPS customers (Full rate card ).

We're dropping support for IE 11

Starting with RUM JavaScript version 1.293, we will stop supporting Internet Explorer 11. For more information, see RUM JavaScript for Internet Explorer 11 and the related announcement in the Dynatrace Community .

New features and enhancements

Reduced DQL error level when querying non-existing monitored entities

Platform | DQL

A DQL query referencing a non-existing monitored entity no longer fails during verification of the statement or during query runtime. Querying a non-existing entity will now lead to an empty result.

Public internet exposure in limited monitoring modes

Application Security | Vulnerabilities

Dynatrace can now detect public internet exposure on Linux hosts running in Infrastructure Monitoring mode and Discovery mode via eBPF. Potential states are and .

Removal of unused ActiveGate module attribute

Infrastructure Observability | Kubernetes

The attribute has been removed from the ActiveGate API response.

Process connection error event handling

Platform | Problems

Process connection error events will now merge into the same problem when occurring on the same host.

Dynatrace API

To learn about changes to the Dynatrace API in this release, see Dynatrace API changelog version 1.292.

Dynatrace SaaS resolved issues

General Availability (Build 1.292.25)

The 1.292 GA release contains 6 resolved issues.

Application Security

  • Fixed the generation of the next page key when filtering security problems using management zones and sorting the results in descending order. (RSA-15138)

Dynatrace Cluster

  • When conducting root cause analysis for a slowdown, events that represent a generic kind of performance change (for example, `PERFORMANCE_EVENT`) are now also considered. This can lead to more findings in slowdown problems and merging slowdown problems with problems that contain performance events. (DI-14269)
  • Changed root cause analysis to allow looking slightly into the future of the start of an event to account for data fuzziness. This should improve, for example, high memory on host events, to lead to high memory on process metric changepoints being found, because it allows for more context when looking for the changepoint. (DI-14261)
  • On the "Logs and events" page, updated the description of capabilities. (LOG-6940)

User interface

  • Fixed the way a log query is generated on entity pages. Correct logs are displayed for services pages after applying multiple filters on the same attribute. (LOG-6950)


  • A DQL query referencing a non-existing monitored entity, no longer fails both during verification of the statement as well as during query runtime. Querying a non-existing entity will now lead to an empty result. (GRAIL-25967)

Update 40 (Build 1.292.40)

This is a cumulative update that contains all previously released updates for the 1.292 release.

Wildcards in custom log sources

Infrastructure Observability | Logs

You can expand wildcards in custom log sources.

Version 1.0.6 is required for

If you are using the schema, you need to specify the schema version when writing settings via API.