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Reported road collisions, vehicles and casualties tables for Great Britain

Changes to tables

In 2021 alongside the publication of the annual road casualty statistics, we made changes to the terminology used and to the format of the data tables including to meet government accessibility standards.

Further details of the changes are set out in our summary document and a mapping from previous tables is also available in the table index.

We always welcome any feedback on the content or format of our publications, which can be provided by email to the road accident and safety statistics team.

All collision, casualty and vehicle tables (Excel format)

Reported road collisions and casualties data tables (zip file) Reported road collisions and casualties data tables (zip file) ( , 8.3 MB)

Historic trends (RAS01)

RAS0101: Collisions, casualties and vehicles involved by road user type since 1926 ( , 34.3 KB)

RAS0102: Casualties and casualty rates, by road user type and age group, since 1979 ( , 118 KB)

Road user type (RAS02)

RAS0201: Numbers and rates ( , 35.9 KB)

RAS0202: Sex and age group ( , 158 KB)

RAS0203: Rates by mode, including air, water and rail modes ( , 23.1 KB)

Road type (RAS03)

Further statistics covering casualties on the strategic road network, including smart motorways, are published by National Highways

RAS0301: Speed limit, built-up and non-built-up roads ( , 23.7 KB)

RAS0302: Urban and rural roads ( , 54.1 KB)

RAS0303: Strategic road network ( , 19.1 KB)

Geographical breakdowns (RAS04)

RAS0401: Police force area ( , 44.7 KB)

RAS0402: Country and region ( , 81.5 KB)

RAS0403: Local authority ( , 1.16 MB)

For the publication of the 2023 statistics onwards we will be making a methodological change to RAS0403 to include rates based on motor vehicle traffic only. This is because the department does not consider pedal cycle traffic to be robust at the local authority level. The updated table, containing data up to 2022 is provided for here.

RAS0403_new: Local authority ( , 1.46 MB)

RAS0404: International comparisons ( , 33.3 KB)

Vehicles and drivers (RAS05)

RAS0501: Drivers involved by sex, age and road user type ( , 115 KB)

RAS0502: Vehicles involved and involvement rates ( , 33.2 KB)

RAS0503: Vehicle type and manoeuvre ( , 23.7 KB)

RAS0504: Vehicle type and road type (built up and non built up roads) ( , 66.1 KB)

RAS0505: Left-hand drive vehicles ( , 37.1 KB)

Casualties and vehicles combination (RAS06)

RAS0601: Collisions and casualties by vehicle and road user type involved ( , 62.9 KB)

Factors contributing to collisions and casualties (RAS07)

Detailed data tables for drink-drive collisions are published in the drink-drive data tables

Contributory factors

RAS0701: Collisions, casualties and road user type ( , 802 KB)

RAS0702: Vehicle type ( , 538 KB)

RAS0703: Road class (motorway, A road, B road, other road) ( , 108 KB)

RAS0704: Speed-related factors ( , 26.4 KB)

RAS0705: Region and country ( , 408 KB)

RAS0706: Local authority ( , 6.64 MB)

Seatbelt non-wearing

RAS0711: Proportion of fatalities not wearing seatbelts ( , 14.2 KB)

Other road safety data (RAS40)

Cost of preventing collisions

RAS4001: Average and total value of prevention of collisions ( , 45.3 KB)

Comparing police road casualty data with other sources

RAS4101: Hospital admissions data on road casualties ( , 27.4 KB)- data currently available up to 2020

RAS4201: National Travel Survey self-reported injuries in road collisions ( , 31.6 KB)

RAS4301: Death registrations data - this table will be added in due course

Motoring offences

Statistics on motoring offences are published annually by the Ministry of Justice as part of their criminal justice statistics and the Home Office in their police powers and procedures statistics.