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Six brands in Suzhou designated as Chinese time-honored brands

The third batch of 382 Chinese time-honored brands was released on Feb. 1. And 6 brands of Suzhou enterprises made the list, ranking first in Jiangsu Province. They are Suzhou Embroidery Research Institute Co., Ltd, Suzhou Dongshan Tea Factory Co., Ltd., Changshu Jinbianfu Craft Furniture Co., Ltd., Suzhou Tianling Chinese Herbal Medicine Co., Ltd, Suzhou Lumu Imperial Kiln Brick Factory, and Suzhou Zigang Jewelry Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1954, the Suzhou Embroidery Research Institute is the sole responsible unit for the protection of the national intangible cultural heritage "Su Embroidery Skills", a national cultural industry demonstration base, and the main drafting unit of the national standards for Su embroidery. And 8 of the 12 national arts and crafts masters of Su embroidery are from the Suzhou Embroidery Research Institute.

The Suzhou Dongshan Tea Factory is located in the place of origin of Dongting (Mountain) biluochun tea, one of China's top 10 teas. It processes tea with the traditional techniques for the production of Biluochun tea inherited from tea-makers in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911).

Jinbianfu Craft Furniture Co., Ltd is the only Chinese time-honored brand in the mahogany furniture industry in Suzhou's Changshu. Its works exemplify the refined techniques and designs of Suzhou-style furniture, with 8 furniture products having been identified as movable cultural relics.

Suzhou Tianling Chinese Herbal Medicine Co., Ltd is the owner of the trademark "Li Liangji". Its predecessor was Li's Pharmacy opened in 1914 by Li Jinbao, a medicinal herb grower in Baimajian, Fengqiao area. The enterprise is committed to inheriting the Wumen School of medicine and promoting the culture of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) among the public.

Imperial kiln bricks made in Suzhou's Lumu were a high-standard paving material used only for royal families in the Ming and Qing dynasties. This type of brick is known as jin zhuan (golden brick). One theory ascribes its name to the fine grains and dense texture that reflect a golden color under the sun. The bricks are smooth because of exquisite craftsmanship. And a popular saying goes, "An imperial kiln brick is as bright as a mirror and sounds like a chime."
The jewelry brand "Zigang" dates back to the year of 1539 and it has been recognized as the "oldest jewelry brand still active today" by Shanghai China Records Headquarters.

Suzhou has 35 Chinese time-honored brands in total, ranking first in the province, according to data from Suzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce.

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