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09/27/2021 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 09/27/2021 07:55

Fujitsu’s Newly Offered FJDaaS is an Ideal Virtual Desktop Service for Remote Workers

Fujitsu is pleased to further enhance its support for customers adopting remote working by offering Fujitsu Virtual Desktop Service FJDaaS (Hereafter "FJDaaS") starting September 9, 2021 that combines Fujitsu's currently offered private cloud virtual desktop service with the new public cloud virtual desktop service. The newly offered Fujitsu Virtual Desktop Service FJDaaS with Citrix Cloud ("FJDaaS with Citrix Cloud") flexibly responds to sudden increase in the number of users as well as requests for configuration changes for virtual desktops enabling optimization of both the administration and operation of virtual desktops by combining the much sought-after virtual desktop system Azure Virtual Desktop ("AVD") from Microsoft and the Citrix Could software from Citrix that manages virtual environments. Fujitsu further extends its support for customers' digital transformation (DX) efforts with its long-standing expertise in operating virtual desktop platforms and the new FJDaaS services that are best suited to various requirements from customers.


High demand to remote working continues with the lack of clear perspective as to when the COVID-19 pandemic is fully under control. The resulting increase in the number of remote workers is creating a strain on the performance of Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) used to access enterprise networks from outside the corporate boundaries, resulting in a need to make more use of public clouds that enable such accesses without VPNs.

Since 2014, Fujitsu has been offering the highly secure private cloud virtual desktop services based on the platform hosted in its own data centers as well as operational services that benefit from the rich expertise Fujitsu has accumulated over the years to more than 200 customers including public sectors, finance and logistic industry.

Now Fujitsu is offering a new public cloud desktop service "FJDaaS with Citrix Cloud" that fully utilizes Fujitsu's expertise in operating virtual desktop services under the newly launched "FJDaaS" brand by combining currently offered two sets of private cloud virtual desktop services with the highly sought-after public cloud AVD along with Citrix Cloud that optimizes their administration and operation.

Fujitsu looks forward to further enhancing customers' remote working by offering "FJDaaS" through its portfolio of offerings in the "Smart Working" category in the "FUJITSU Work Life Shift " solutions that merge the practical knowledge and required technology in the work style reform projects.

With the launch of the new brand FJDaaS, the two private cloud virtual desktop services including FUJITSU Managed Infrastructure Service Virtual Desktop Service V-DaaS and FUJITSU Managed Infrastructure Service Virtual Desktop Service VCC are respectively offered under the new names of Fujitsu Virtual Desktop Service FJDaaS-V (Hereafter "FJDaaS-V") and Fujitsu Virtual Desktop Service FJDaaS-C (Hereafter "FJDaaS-C").

Overview of "Fujitsu Virtual Desktop Service FJDaaS"

1. FJDaaS with Citrix Cloud (public cloud virtual desktop service)

While the virtual desktop management components included in Citrix Cloud, the latest client virtualization software (SaaS) from Citrix Systems, are used to manage logon activities and associates users with their virtual desktops, users will be able to utilize AVD, the virtual desktop that runs on Microsoft Azure. These components enable customers to modify resources for their virtual desktops by themselves at any time, flexibly changing the number of users and configurations of the virtual desktops. Current users of Microsoft Azure may also utilize their resources already at hand when using the virtual desktop AVD resulting in reduction of the implementation and running cost as well as operational burden associated with running them.