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Scalise: Biden is Living in a Parallel Universe

Scalise: Biden is Living in a Parallel Universe

April 2, 2024

WASHINGTON, D.C.- Today, House Majority Leader Steve Scalise (R-La.) joined Fox Business Network's Mornings with Maria Bartiromo to discuss House Republicans' successes, despite a razor-thin majority. Leader Scalise highlighted the need for new leadership in the White House, with President Biden being increasingly out of touch with reality and the disastrous consequences of his radical policies continuing to hurt American families as inflation and crime remain out of control.

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On House Republicans' slim majority:

"Well, the House has been taking care of its business but we have a one-seat majority and as you pointed out, razor-thin. It got more razor-thin when Mike Gallagher resigned just the other day. So you know, that means every vote we take, our majority literally is just one. If more than one person says they want to go a different direction then we're not going to be able to pass that bill. But we've done a lot of big things. Look at what we did with H.R. 2, our strong border security package that we passed when the Senate could not come together to pass anything. They tried to pass an open borders bill. We passed a strong border security package with a very narrow razor-thin majority and every Democrat walking away, keep in mind, not a single Democrat voted to secure America's border. And yet we still passed that bill through the House.

"So when it came time to come together, this House has continued to deliver for the American people. We need the White House, Maria. We need Donald Trump back in the White House, working to get our economy back on track, to secure our border, to get energy security again, and to stand up to the evil people around the world who want to do not just us harm, but our allies around the world."

On Members choosing to retire early:

"Right, or not leave at all, serve out the rest of his term. And we had that conversation too. And look, at the end of the day, you know, he's free to do whatever he chooses. He chose to do that; I wish he would not have. At the other end of the spectrum, we have a number of special elections coming up for Kevin McCarthy's own seat in California. That's going to be a Republican win for us next month. We have to wait a few more weeks to get that special election through. But even with that one, we'd then have a two [seat] razor-thin majority. We'd then go from one to two.

"The most important thing, Maria, is having a majority and not having the minority. Not having Hakeem Jeffries as the speaker means Joe Biden's agenda doesn't move through the House. Joe Biden, when he laid out in his State of the Union that crazy far-left agenda, he wants to raise more taxes; he wants to lock in the Green New Deal; he wants to lock in open borders. None of that is going to happen under our House Majority. Clearly, we've shown a different direction than Joe Biden. But the country is going to have to decide this in November because Joe Biden does not want to work with Republicans to solve these big problems. We've shown the country how to solve them, Maria, it's not complicated. Joe Biden refuses to sit down and even negotiate. Donald Trump needs to be the President of the United States if we want to get our country back on track."

On Biden doubling down on his radical agenda:

"Well, he's doubling down on divisiveness. You saw that in his State of the Union address, probably the most divisive State of the Union anyone's seen. He's living in a parallel universe. He can't even really come to celebrate Easter Sunday. He thinks the economy is doing great - most hardworking families will tell you it's not because of Joe Biden's policies. And by the way, they're furious about this open southern border, when they see thousands of people a day coming across, including people on the terrorist watch list. You've seen Chinese nationals of military age coming across every single day now.

"And Joe Biden lets it happen. He could stop it on his own today, with his own pen that he signs all those executive orders with; but he won't because he wants this to happen and families are fed up with it.It's why President Trump's doing so well in those swing states you mentioned like Michigan, like Wisconsin, of course Pennsylvania and others."

On the politicization of the justice system against Trump:

"People have seen through it: They see the politicization of government being used to weaponize government against the political opponents of Joe Biden. And they're disgusted by it, as they should be. This is not a third-world nation. We shouldn't be operating like this. When you see Letitia James and other prosecutors abusing their position to go after people not to say, 'Hey, we're going to put bad guys in jail', but to say 'Hey, I'm not I don't like that person. So I'm going to go put that person in jail, whether they did something wrong or not.' That's not how America works and people are sickened by it."

On the issue of squatters:

"Well, I know it's something that we're looking at. I applaud what Flordia just did and you see a few other states following behind it - in fact, a number of other states - because it's gotten so out of control. And you see illegals coming in, posting YouTube videos showing people how to do this. It's so brazen. That again, this is all part of Joe Biden's open border policy. It's an offshoot of it. It's not the only reason you've got this problem, but this is what happens when you have a lawless America. Where you have a party, the Democratic Party who wants to defund the police, who doesn't respect rule of law.Let's get back to property ownership, the rights of the hard-working people who made this country great, who are sacrificing every day in this reality of Joe Biden's tough economy. They know how tough it is, even if Joe Biden doesn't."