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09/28/2020 | News release | Archived content

The Black Sheep Man Ride 2020 - Riding for mental health

Since 2016, Australian cycling brand Black Sheep has been on a mission to shift the way people think about men's mental health through their annual Man Ride.

Starting with just eight riders in Australia covering 1000km in four days, the Man Ride has grown into a global movement. It now includes official and community-led events across the world, has appeared twice on the Zwift platform and will be a Strava Challenge for the very first time this year.

The Man Ride is unique in that the goal is not simply to raise money. The goal is to get people talking. To form communities and support networks. To end social stigmas.

Most of us who have ridden alongside others can appreciate that it's so much easier to open up and start talking on the bike.

The Black Sheep Man Ride 2020 - time to get ballsy

This year, Black Sheep is taking the Man Ride a step further and, to use their words, get as ballsy as possible. They understand that opening up takes balls, metaphorical or otherwise, so they're leading by example and encouraging men and women around the world to do the same.

The Man Ride plan 2020

  • Man mode on, website off. On September 30th, Black Sheep went radio silent and hung up the 'gone riding' sign. A one-day digital detox. A day without social media, phones, any of those modern distractions. A day to just get on your bike, ride, think, talk, and just ride for the sheer joy of it.

  • Black Sheep One:5 Strava Challenge. Black Sheep has teamed up with Strava to get as many people involved as possible, all over the world. From October 7th until 11th, Black Sheep challenge you to ride 100km. Or, if you can do that easily, why not try 100km a day for the five days? It's a simple challenge with a simple message, however far you want to push yourself. One in five men battle with mental illness at some point in their lives and this is an opportunity to talk about it.

The MR Collection

To accompany the launch of Man Ride 2020, Black Sheep is releasing the MR collection. The theme, evoked by the Chaos print of its most popular Man Ride kit, and continuing with further releases through the year, is making sense from chaos.

It's a great way to show your support and we think the eye-catching kit is bound to open up some conversations.