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05/31/2023 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 05/31/2023 09:00

Parents should discuss with their teens at home how to celebrate responsibly as schools end

The schools will end on Saturday June 3rd 2023, and many children and young people can be expected to meet and celebrate summer holidays together. It is common that substance abuse among young people increases during these celebrations, which will also increase the risk of various accidents.

However, most children and young people will celebrate responsibly without causing any issues.

The police and youth workers are present at the most popular meeting places

In previous years, celebrations have kept many police officers, ambulances, youth workers and volunteers busy. Preparations have been made for a similar situation this year as well, and the most popular meeting places will be attended by the Eastern Uusimaa Police Department, City of Vantaa's youth workers, FRC emergency service vehicle and volunteers.

The most popular meeting places for young people in Vantaa are usually schoolyards, daycare center yards and public parks. Locations in East Vantaa such as Kuusijärvi outdoor area, Dixi area and Heureka Park are also popular, as well as Jokiuoma Park in West Vantaa.

Some young people in Vantaa will also head to the center of Helsinki or Järvenpää Rantapuisto to party, similar to thousands of other young people. 

Be reachable by phone  

The police, child protection authorities or youth workers will contact the guardians of those minors who are found intoxicated or who have committed an offense. For this reason, parents should be reachable by phone, especially during the evening of the day when the schools end, and are ready to answer calls from an unknown number. 

The City of Vantaa's youth workers are also available by telephone. Outreach youth work is coordinated in East Vantaa by Mika Huotari tel. 040 587 4599, and in West Vantaa by Cecilia Schichmann tel. 040 358 0820. You can call the number if you are worried about your child or teen.

Parents should talk to their teens about the risks that can happen during celebration. You should also set boundaries to ensure that your evening will not end up ruined by a police call or unfortunate injury.